What it’s Like to Wear a Penis Extender

What’s the Difference Between the Major Penis Extender Brands?

Ok, here’s a big article guide.

Looking for honest advice on penis extenders? Our buying guide lays out the most important things to know before you make your choice.

Penis extenders have been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that they’ve entered the realm of doctor approval, scientific study, and general acceptance as a medical device.

In fact, doctor’s have even researched the methods that contribute to penis size, which are reported on here.

That makes shopping for your own penis extender a bit scary. Without large-name consumer testing organizations on board (yet), and few customer reviews to go on, it’s a bit like buying land from a speculator you don’t quite trust.

That’s why you’ll find this Penis Extender Buying Guide to be useful.

It arms you with everything you need to know to go out and purchase your own device. Knowing what to look for, how to assess your choices, and which devices have already received glowing reviews from men who’ve used them, you’ll make the right choice.

Below, I’ll take you through the complete ins and outs of what various devices on the market today have to offer, and by the end of this Buying Guide you’ll be an expert.

However, if you’d like to just skip the technical details and cut to the chase, my overall recommendation is the system created by PhalloGauge.

We’ll learn more about it a little bit later in this article.

It’s clinically proven, recommended by doctors, and comes with a 180-day 100% money back guarantee.

How to Decide Which Penis Extender to Actually Buy
Are the materials made of quality?

This is an important question to ask yourself (and the manufacturer).

Professionals in the medical world have a system for grading medical devices based on their materials. As you might imagine, the FDA maintains tight controls on what can and can’t be used in medical devices….from plastics to indications for use to risk, it’s all summed up in their classification system.

To be classified as a Medical Type 1 device, materials must be approved as safe, hygienic, and low risk.

Earning classification by the FDA means a product is regulated, which brings with it a certain level of assurance that the device is safe.

Penis extenders also referred to as penile traction devices are simple machines which were devised to help men get their daily stretch in for natural penile enlargement.

Although they may be pretty intimidating at first, these instruments are instrumental to numerous guys’s success in penis lengthening and complete enlargement.

The Different Parts of Penis Extenders
All member extenders are composed of two main parts that serve exactly the same function.

There’s always a part that grabs the penis glans or the upper shaft area.

This component always links to some sort of ‘base’ component for stabilization of the pulling force.

Dick extenders that are traditional consists of a part that is noose along with two poles.

The rods are generally made out of metal and also the framework that hold these alloy components together are normally made from white plastic.

plastic foundation and metal rods to get a penis extender apparatus

While the plastic material is really friendly to the skin’s touch, the metal sticks can feel chilly when they’ve been sitting out on your own shelf or desk for some time.

The body will really adjust within 10 minutes to the coldness of the metal much like how your own body adjusts to the chilly water when you go to the beach or pool.

The Model S dick extender apparatus is made from somewhat different stuff.

It contains an incredibly soft silicone wrapping that behaves just like the silicone noose discovered in the stick-established extender kind.

Nevertheless, instead of metal poles creating the tension on the penis shaft an elastic belt is utilized to pull and create the force. This elastic belt is manufactured out of velcro and also other polymers that promote its elasticity (stretchiness).

Considering that the belt is elastic (stretchy) it is just like a rubber band pulling on your own penis, except unlike a rubber band, the belt is durable and hardy.
Finally, the base of the model S cons

ists of an EPDM foam ring which is soft.

The Uniqueness of the PhalloGauge Penis Extender
All the parts of the PhalloGauge penis extender are made from biocompatible materials that or intended to be properly used for safe and close interaction with all the human body for long intervals of time.

What Placing On the Dick Extender is Like
Putting on pole-established member extenders

That is good because it is less in relation to the timeframe it takes to brush your teeth – and that is something you definitely should be doing day-to-day.

To put on a pole-based extender you must fit the bottom of your penis shaft into the plastic foundation part.

penis extender base part

Then you’ve got to pick the metal rod and spring part size to ascertain the number of tension (stretching force) you want to apply to your own dick.

How It Compares to Rod Extenders
So that you can change the tension, you have to swap out these metal components every single time you wish to adjust the force.

You carry on to stretch your dick out and pinch the top of your dick shaft to the silicone noose once you selected which metal parts you need to utilize.

Following that, you tighten the noose to secure your penis in place.

Once you’re done with each one of these measures, you’ll detect that you are dick is elongated and is sticking out.

That is natural and how dick stretching works.

Due to the way pole-based penis extenders are designed, your member will either be sticking out in front of you but it might be angled either down or up.

You set the foam loop around the base of your penis.

Following that, you pull on the elastic belt around your waist and attach the hook to the hook linked to the silicone wrapping.

It’s possible for you to adjust the tension in the belt (the amount of force applied) by correcting the velcro strap on the elastic belt.

Can People Notice Your Penis Extender Beneath Your Pants?
Another important question.

When you put your knickers and slacks on the “bulge” that is caused from these penis extenders is something which can show through.

The simple fact is: Others may notice it.

In the event that you are wearing jeans or tight pants the bulge is guaranteed to demonstrate through.

In fact some men will not even be able to wear tight trousers or jeans with these Rod based because it’s too uneasy dick extenders.

Yet some guys manage to pull it off by merely toughening it out (sacrificing comfort for results – actually devoted men).

Ultimately, it depends on how disciplined and how dedicated you might be to wearing this device for your penis enlargement goals.

It is an exciting, although strange feeling walking around with a penis extender on for the first time.

That’s because there’s this constant tugging (not debilitating, naturally!) at your member, and you are reminded of it every time your body shifts right into a new place with each step.

I’d like to reiterate – it is not a distressing experience. In the event you are experiencing pain while wearing the device (and while you are walking with all the extender on), you probably strapped yourself in with all the force placing on too high


Don’t forget, this is one of the most frequent blunders when wearing penis extender apparatus and doing penis enlargement training.

It’s after all, pulling on your penis. So there’s that little distress. Nevertheless, it is a light discomfort that you get used to and it even goes away after a couple of days of wearing the device and becoming used to it.

There are far more painful things in life. Penis Extenders are Not One of Them.
You’re probably setting more pain on your body in one set of squats than every dick extender stretches session for a whole week united when you workout.

One reason is because traditional muscle work outs apply hypertrophy which uses muscles to excite. Dick stretches is different. The end result? Irreversible size for the remainder of your life, natural.

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