Important Tips on Treating Acne

Your skin is the reflection of your internal health. Beautiful and glowing skin is the sign of hydration, healthy diet and proper care. However, skin affected with blackheads, pimples and whiteheads indicates poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and oxidative damage. Chronic acne and occasional breakouts plague a large number of people of almost all ages throughout the world. From severe to mild acne, cases of this skin condition cause unsightly and painful outbreaks on the chest, back, arms and most importantly, the face. If left untreated, this skin disease might result in scarring and diminished self-esteem. Unluckily, there are many people who make the choice of dangerous and harmful prescription medicines and topical drugs instead of natural remedies for treating acne. Such people are unaware of the fact that it is absolutely possible to get rid of acne using natural remedies. Organic substances can also help in minimizing acne scars. There are several essential oils that can be used for gently  cleansing the skin for getting easy  riddance of acne. Apart from this, proper nutrition is also important.

Exfoliating the Skin and Cleansing It

There are many people who are of the belief that they get acne because they do not wash their skin enough. It is important to wash the skin gently but at the same time it is also important to keep in mind that excessive washing might irritate the blackheads and the whiteheads resulting in infection and more pimples. You must make use of a mild but good quality cleanser like Cetaphil or a typical acne cleanser like Aveeno acne bar, Benzoyl Peroxide 5% bar or Neutrogena Acne Wash for gently washing and exfoliating the skin.

Keep the Skin Clear

Make the use of oil-free sunscreens, lotions and cosmetics for avoiding further clogging of the skin pores. It is also essential for you to avoid having dry skin by using oil-free lotions like Complex-15. You can avoid sunburn by making use of oil-free products like Coppertone Oil-Free Sunscreen or Neutrogena. One thing that you must remain careful about is the use of hair gels and hair products as they are quite oily.

 Skin Toning

Skin toning is one of the most important steps that you must follow when trying to take proper care of your skin. Skin toning helps in removing any residues post cleansing and it also helps in restoring the natural pH levels of the skin. The best skin toner is apple cider vinegar that can be used in the morning and the evening. You can use a cotton ball for applying it on the skin and most importantly on the areas that are prone to acne and active breakouts.

Healing Masks

Healing masks are best tools for hydrating the skin. Such masks should be applied twice during the week. Cinnamon, yogurt, essential oils, honey and several other ingredients are good at hydrating the skin and at fighting the common causes of acne. Therefore, you must always make use of these products for making healing masks for the skin.

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