Proven Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

There is not a single person out there who actually wants to have to deal with acne, as a sufferer with acne you are one of millions who are dealing with acne right now. But – the problems of acne feel like they belong to you alone. I don’t just mean the redness, the scarring, the zits but the self-esteem problems that, for me, were the worst part of suffering with acne.

I felt terribly alone and I felt somehow as though my acne was a badge showing that there was something wrong with me. Now, I understand that many of us feel the same way!

But I am a beautiful woman! That’s not just down to how I live my life, that I am successful at my career and relationships but also the way I look. My lovely long legs are beautiful to look at, my long, dark, shiny hair is beautiful and I have the sexiest long neck. But I didn’t always see things this way. All I saw, for years, was the zits, the red and purple patches and then later the scarring that the zits left behind.

To cure myself I had to do two things and, I am sure that the same applies to anyone with acne, whether a man or woman, reading these words.

The first thing I had to do was to learn to love myself, to understand that I was beautiful and had value as a person but at the same time I needed to find a way to control the affliction of acne. Perhaps in an ideal world it would be enough that we just learn to accept and value ourselves, that finding a way to remove the affliction itself should not be necessary – but I am human and so are you.

In order to feel better, most of us need to find a way to look better; that’s what I did, I found a way to look better and that’s what I am going to share with you today.

I don’t know about you but,if you are at all like me,you have tried the ‘natural remedies’ the ‘old wives’ tales’ and found little or no improvement and maybe even made matters worse.

What Didn’t Work to Make Me Feel Beautiful

I tried it all, all these and more and they worked for me just as well as they work have worked for you:


I had heard about this from friends and reading magazines so I started off with this simple methodand then when that didn’t work I moved up and started trying more intense things. Toothpaste is a natural thing to try if you are trying to deal with acne.

Toothpaste did dry my skin a little but it had no real effect upon my acne, still zits and pimples galore.

Tea Tree Oil

I liked the idea of this one, it was natural and there’s loads of websites and forums with people claiming success. You probably found it as useful as I did – that’s to say it did me no good whatsoever.

Oatmeal Facial Mask

By this time, I was ready to try things that were going to take time to make and use but I was still on my ‘all natural’ path. So, I mixed up oatmeal with hot water and made thick masks and used it morning and night for several weeks and al I got for my trouble was dry skin that needed moisturiser to stop the skin flaking and still the acne.


After these unsuccessful attempts, I got into the idea that perhaps it was my diet that was at fault. I read that chocolate was bad for acne. Although I never ate much chocolate I cut that from my diet. Along with that went a reduction in the fat I was eating, but this wasn’t good. I was already slender and losing weight was not doing me any good and, well, I STILL had acne!

Desperate Times – Desperate Measures

I decided that perhaps the ‘all natural’ approach was not going to work for me. I needed some help from science. After all, our lives depend upon science for so many things, why not getting rid of my acne.

The conclusion that I reached was that I could only cure my acne from inside, after all, that’s where it comes from, inside the body. I was never going to succeed just by plastering my face with gunk and goo! If I put something on my face it had to be supported by what my body was doing.

I started to learn about antioxidants and how necessary they are to enable many aspects of a healthy life. I learned about how one particular antioxidant alpha lipoic acidcan help to beat acne and also reduce the scarring and discoloration left behind after the pimples themselves have been banished forever. There’s lots of science stuff, including this research into ALA  carried out by researchers at the State University of New York, but the bullet points are these:

  • Alpha lipoic acid blocks the blocks genes in skin cells that are known to be associated with acne and skin inflammation.
  • Can counteract the side effects of certain other anti-acne treatments.
  • Encourages production of anti-inflammatory proteins.
  • Reduces malondialdehydes a compound present in high quantities in people suffering with severe acne.
  • Evidence suggests that ALA kills the bacteria Propionbacterium acnes. This is a bacterium normally found on the skin but in too high quantities can aggravate acne making it worse.
  • Can reduce the discoloration often left behind after acne clears up.

The bottom line is that in cases of severe acne, like I suffered from, Alpha Lipoic Acid can be helpful in reducing severe acne and its scarring after effects. That all seemed to be pointing to a good way forward but I now knew that I still needed help with the treatment, ALA did not go the whole route on its own. That meant I was looking for a system to deal with the treatment, something else working from the outside working with and complementing the alpha Lipoic acid working from the inside.

One of the best treatments for acne is called benzoyl peroxide. This substance works to prevent pores from getting blocked (the cause of acne). It works by preventing the outbreaks from occurring by killing the excess bacteria in your pores. Benzoyl peroxide is a well trusted treatment that has been used for over 50 years with a long history of success in preventing acne outbreaks from occurring.

I found a company that understood the problems of acne well enough that they offered the benzoyl peroxide and the ALA as complementary products that reduced the acne attacks and then made sure that the scarring and other effects were reduced to a minimum. When I tried the two treatments together I found that I was looking much better after just three weeks!

I Felt Beautiful and I Looked Beautiful!

Once I had my acne under control my self-esteem started to increase. I started to love myself for the first time in years and my whole life improved. My friends were still my friends but I no longer felt that I was the odd one out.

When I socialised I had the confidence to leave my days of being a wallflower behind. But a weird thing happened to me! I realised that all the good things about me that existed before were still there, I had been beautiful all the time, but I just hadn’t realised it.

Right now, I feel great that my acne is gone and there’s almost no sign that I was ever plagued with it but, if it were to return, I now know that I am strong enough that I’d still feel beautiful, I’d still have high self-esteem. I have become a better, stronger person.

Do You Want to Join Me?

Now I understand that true beauty comes from within I also understand that we are all human and we need help to make ourselves feel as good as we should, as good as we deserve. That means we need to look as good as we should and as good as we deserve. That means that you might want to check out what I did and how I did it.

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