3 Day Diet Plan – For Short Term Weight Loss

Crash dieting is an option if you need a fast weight loss program. Albeit this kind of diet has temporary effect, it can drastically decrease your body weight in just a matter of three days.

3 Day Diet Plan – The Quickest Way to Lose Extra Pounds

The Cleveland Clinic diet or the 3 day diet plan is a proven effective way to lose weight of up to ten lbs. in just three days. The key is to follow the program religiously. By speeding up the metabolism rate of the body, it is expected that fast weight loss will follow. The 3 day diet plan, to be effective, should be religiously observed. The amount of food to be taken, including calorie count should be specifically adhered to. Once these specifications are not followed to the dot, the result will not be guaranteed. Once the three days have passed, the dieter can return back to the normal eating habit. This diet plan can be repeated if desired or as needed. However, a five day rest must be done prior to going back to the program.

3 Day Detox Diet – System Cleansing

The 3 day detox diet is designed to clear the body of harmful toxins. By managing the digestive system and lifestyle, the body is being cleansed holistically. Albeit a thorough detoxification is required to be done in a longer period of time for the body to be fully cleansed, a lot of people are not able to complete the program. Since this form of diet is not just focussed on eating the right kind of food in right proportion, it also include attitude and mind-setting, people who are currently working full time will not be able to commit to this. As such, the 3 day detox diet becomes a better alternative. Generally, the food will consist of natural foods in raw form. Fruits, vegetable, grains, nuts and plenty of water are basically the only food that should enter your system for three days.

3 Day Diet Menu – Low Carb Diet

Here is a sample of 3 day diet menu. Day One: Breakfast will consist of Tea, coffee or juice, one loaf of toast (use wheat bread) with peanut spread. For Lunch, you can have half a cup of Tuna, one loaf of bread and juice. You are allowed a heavy dinner by eating 3 ounces of beef or chicken, one cup of vegetable, an apple and half a cup of ice cream. Day Two: Breakfast may contain Tea, coffee or juice, poached egg and fruit. You can eat one cup Tuna or cheese together with crackers for lunch. Your dinner should have a choice of any lean meat, one cup of vegetable, a fruit and half cup of ice cream. Day Three: You can have crackers, cheese and apple for breakfast together with Tea, coffee or juice. Your lunch can consist of boiled egg and toast. Dinner on the other hand is supposed to have a cup of tuna, a cup of vegetable, a fruit and half cup of ice cream.

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