Arthritis and Diet – Food Plan Suiting Arthritis Patients

The symptoms of arthritis, a disease that affects joints, can be controlled by exercises prescribed by the physician and adhering to a suitable diet. The relation between arthritis and diet is complex, but the type of arthritis will determine the type of diet pattern that should be followed.

Arthritis and Diet – the Intricate Link

Physicians believe that there is an important link between arthritis and diet. Arthritis causes inflammation of joints, resulting in pain and restricted movements. Certain food items can alleviate the symptoms while others can aggravate it. This is the reason why along with treatment and exercises, patients are advised to follow a particular diet pattern that helps control the symptoms of arthritis. While healthy eating is important for everyone, people suffering from arthritis look for their diet to provide alleviation of the symptoms and relief from pain.Generally, a diet consisting of foods like salmon and herring that are rich in omega fatty acids, whole gains, brown rice, lentils, walnuts, and berries is recommended. The diet should also include easily digestible foods. Juices made of beetroot, carrot, or cucumber and fruits like apples, papaya, and grapes can be included in the diet.The relation between arthritis and diet is most important when considering the aspect of weight gain. Arthritis patients have to make sure that they do not gain weight, because it can result in increased stress and pain in joints.

Diet Foods to Avoid – Control Arthritis

Arthritis can be kept well under control by knowing the diet foods to avoid. Refrain from eating food items that are spicy, fatty, or fried. They result in weight gain and obesity that can lead to more trouble managing arthritis. Take care to avoid or use minimal quantities of wind-forming vegetables like broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage and spinach that can aggravate symptoms of arthritis. Avoid oats, barley, rye and other foods that are rich in gluten, because gluten can cause inflammation. Consumption of coffee, tea, and cocoa should be limited or avoided if possible. Alcohol should also be avoided, because apart from depleting the vitamins and minerals in the body, it can interact and interfere with the medications for treating arthritis. Red meat, corn, and dairy products are other diet foods to avoid while planning a suitable diet plan for managing arthritis.

Fruits to Avoid – Proper Diet Plan

While fruits are generally considered good for health, arthritis patients need to know the fruits to avoid. It is advised to avoid fruits and vegetables that belong to the nightshade family like tomatoes and eggplants. They are known to increase the chances of causing pain in the joints. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, tangerines, and grapefruits should also be avoided because health experts believe that the acidic content of these fruits worsen the symptoms of arthritis. While berries are generally good for arthritis, cranberries are rich in oxalic acid and should be avoided in the diet. Replace these fruits with others like pomegranates or grapes that are rich in vitamin C and is beneficial for treating arthritis. The challenge is in establishing a strict diet plan with the right choice and quantity of food to control arthritis with advice from your physician.

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