Athletes Diet – Achieving the Ideal and Required Nutritional Intake

Athletes’ diet is much given importance by people who are into sports. Aside from that, the athletes should eat a wide range of nutritional foods in a minimal level. Most importantly, athletes must increase their water and carbohydrates intake as main nutritional requirements to attain a high level of performance.

Athletes Diet – Eating Foods that Rich in Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates in athletes diet is the most crucial diet that athletes must take regularly, the days before the competition. For, carbohydrates provide up to 50 percent of the energy requirements needed by the body. Furthermore, the more the work or performance intensifies, the more the body needs an increase of carbohydrates in take. In this connection, there is a variety of carbohydrates-giving foods such as potatoes, cereals, grain products, lasagna and spaghetti. Aside from them, there are still simple carbohydrates-giving foods like fruits, milk, sugar and honey. Correspondingly, athletes diet with high in carbohydrates is vitally needed for all athletes in increasing glucose or sugar production of the body; that the muscles need for long endurance and agility during extensive training and peak performance.

Nutrition for Athletes – Requirement for Peak Performance

In order to become a successful athlete, one should keep in mind that aside from good training and good physical condition, an ideal nutritional program is the most important element to stay longer in any field of sports. Therefore, nutrition for athletes is seriously taken into account by every athlete in achieving a peak performance in every sport. It is found out that for any heavy sports event that lasts for 90 minutes or more, a high carbohydrate nutritional diet must be eaten by the athlete two or three days prior to the event. Also, nutrition for athletes such as eating potatoes, bananas and oranges during training period and after the sports competition is highly required to be able to maintain an adequate amount of potassium in the body. Additionally, sufficient amount of water in take is very important for the athletes during training as well s during the event. Freezing water helps in lowering the body temperature, so it is necessary for them to drink chilled water in every interval during sports events.

Foods for Athletes – Super Foods

Along with the training and workout, people into sports need foods for athletes in keeping their mind and body in best condition. And, there are 5 kinds of super foods that the athletes must eat regularly. First, oatmeal is a good for the heart whole grain which rich in fibers and vitamin B that are needed to maintain athletes’ endurance and energy for a longer training and performance. Second, yogurt that is rich in calcium and Vitamin B-12, it helps to maintain your healthy bones and, at the same time, it protects you from osteoporosis. In addition, it helps athletes to stay vigorous and energetic. Third, blueberries, these fruits have antioxidant substances that eliminate toxins and damaged cells from the body. The nutrients from these fruits provide a normal blood pressure even during and after exhausting activities. Fourth, sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene, iron, Vitamin C, and a fat- free source of Vitamin E that helps in speedy recovery of the muscles. Lastly, salmon, which is rich in protein, iron and Vitamin B12, foremost, it contains omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the blood circulation going to the heart..

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