Atkins Diet Menu – The Pros and Cons of the Quick Weight Loss Program

Atkins diet plan is one of the flexible diet plans, which allow the individual to choose a diet on his or her own wish thus not compensating on the taste or quality. Although seems to be a practical diet chart, the diet plan also have some drawbacks.

Atkins Diet Menu – How it Works to Lose Weight

The highlight if Atkins diet menu is that it allows you to lose weight naturally by causing an alteration in the body metabolism. Since the body is capable of burning both carbohydrates and fats to release energy, the diet plan suggests that when the amount of carbohydrate intake is reduced, the body switches to burning the fats present in the body to release energy also termed as lipolysis. Ketosis is the secondary effect of lipolysis, where ketone bodies are released through the urine. Ketosis also affects the insulin production, which prevents the formation of fats in the future. With the onset of ketosis in the body, the carbohydrate cravings also subsides gradually that results in eventual loss of body fat and body weight. Atkins diet menu works in almost a few weeks after starting the diet plan.

Atkins Advantage – Lose Weight Effectively for a Lifetime

The bottom line of Atkins diet plan is to balance the eating habits for a lifetime eventually meeting the individual’s body requirements based on factors such as age, gender, physical activity, body metabolic rate, etc. The essential Atkins advantage is that it induces rapid weight loss for a lifetime. The diet plan of Atkins allows individuals to consume as much food rich in protein and fats. The diet plan has been experimented and proved in many major research institutes and is not time consuming, as well. The main Atkins advantage is that the diet plan is inexpensive as compared with other popular expensive diet plans as it involves diet plans that are used in regular tables.

Atkins Diet Induction – Inducing the Right Foods

Induction is the first phase of Atkins diet plan. It is noticed that many people lose sizeable amount of fat from the body by following the induction phase. The first Atkins diet induction rule is to have three regular meal sizes or have four to five small meals. You also should not skip meals or go for more than five to six hours without eating. Each meal should include at least five to six ounces of foods rich in protein like the poultry products, lamb, beef, cheese, eggs, etc. There is also no need to remove the meats or poultry. You can also add some olive oil or some butter to replace the fat in the food. The total net carbohydrate intake should not be more than twenty grams, and approximately twelve to fifteen grams of non starchy vegetables. You should also include foods that are acceptable in the list for induction phase. Acceptable sweeteners like sucralose, or saccharine, stevia, xylitol, etc., can be included to satisfy the sweet teeth. Eight ounces of water, multivitamin and multimineral and omega 3 fatty acid supplements also should be consumed on a daily basis.

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