Beans Nutrition Facts – The Healthy Low Calorie Food

Beans are low calorie vegetables loaded with nutrients and low in cholesterol, thus making them good for the heart. There are different types of beans available and including them in daily diet offers many benefits. While the amount of nutrients differ in each, beans are excellent meat substitutes for vegetarians.

Beans Nutrition Facts – Examining its Potential Benefits

Beans are rich in dietary fibers, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is also rich in iron that helps to enrich the blood and prevent anemia. The beans nutrition facts show that beans are very low in cholesterol making them ideal for calorie conscious people. Since they are rich in fibers and protein, a small cup of beans can be filling and prevent frequent hunger pangs. According to the website, ‘World’s Healthiest Foods’, legumes and beans top the list in fiber content and nutrition. An analysis of the beans nutrition facts show that beans contain 22 percent protein beating beef and eggs which contain 18 and 13 percent respectively.

Calories in Beans – Ideal for Dieters

The low calories in beans make it ideal food for dieters. Beans can be boiled, baked or added in different food preparations like soups and stews. A cup containing 100 grams of green string beans contain as less as 31 calories. A breakdown of the calories in beans shows that it contains 77 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent proteins and only 3 percent fat. Bean sprouts are lesser in calories and more healthful when consumed in salads. A single serving of beans can control the appetite for hours, so it will help in better weight management for people following strict diet patterns.

Beans Nutritional Value – an Analysis

While the beans nutritional value is mostly attributed to its low fat content and high fiber and minerals, a lesser known fact is its low glycemic index. This is important for stabilizing blood glucose levels and hence beans also make an excellent food for people suffering from diabetes. Low glycemic index also means that it provides constant and slow-burning energy. A nutrition plan is never complete without the inclusion of beans on a daily basis. With its ability to lower cholesterol, control sugar level, and provide constant energy, beans serve as the ideal food source for everyone.

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