Benefits of Milk – Advantages of the Complete Food

The wonderful benefits of milk have made it the most popular food item for human beings since time immemorial. Milk is considered as a complete food that not only provides energy to the body but also enhances the general health through better functioning of the body systems and improved immunity.

Benefits of Milk – Towards a Healthier Living

There is a very wide range of benefits of milk which can be derived through daily consumption of this wonderful gift of nature. The health benefits which have been scientifically attributed to milk include better bones, smoother skin, stronger immunity and resistance to diseases like hypertension, obesity, dental decay, osteoporosis and even cancer. This dairy product is very much an essential ingredient in the diet of growing children. Rehydration of the body and skin is one of the lesser known advantages of milk. This property of milk is due to sufficient quantities of water molecules that are present in it. The other benefits of milk include better eyesight and prevention of anemia.

Calories in Milk – The Precautions Needed

Despite the wonderful benefits that are offered by milk, the calories in milk make it one of the prime reasons for obesity in children all over the world. It is not essential to completely eliminate milk from the diet though precautions in the overall intake are necessary. 100 ml of full cream milk contains approximately 70 calories whereas the same amount of reduced fat, light and skim non fat milk contains only about 40 calories making it more suitable for daily consumption. An important point which must be noted about the calorific content of milk is that it is accompanied with significant quantities of energy that can be used by the growing children for their physical activities which will negate all the excess calories in milk that is consumed.

Milk Nutritional Value – Unmatched Source

The milk nutritional value has been the subject of study of physicians for many centuries and it has been concluded that milk is definitely an unbeaten source of many wonderful and essential nutrients. Milk is probably the best natural source of a variety of essential nutrients like Vitamin A and B, Calcium, Zinc and Riboflavin which have very important roles to play in the development and health of the human body. While vitamin A improves eyesight and calcium is great for the bones and teeth, the potassium content of milk helps improve the nerve functioning of the sensory network in the body. The carbohydrate content in milk, apart from being a source of energy also releases a multitude of anti oxidants that help reduce signs of ageing and improve the skin tone and firmness.

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