Benefits of Milk – Helping You Improve Your Overall Health

While milk is obtained from many mammals, cow milk is considered to be the ideal type for human consumption. USDA recommends inclusion of milk in daily diet.

Benefits of Milk – Drink with Enough Nutrients

Milk, used in various forms across the world, is a nutrient enriched natural drink that is obtained mainly from domestic cattle. Benefits of Milk are aplenty and they make it a popular drink across continents among people of various age groups. Those who consume milk or milk products on a daily basis can do without taking much animal meat in their diet. This is because milk provides them with essential nutrients necessary for bone development, respiratory problems prevention and a stronger immune system. Taking milk regularly also helps a person to fight chronic ailments better. Milk is rich in nutrients including vitamin A and B, magnesium, zinc, riboflavin and calcium. Those who do not like drinking milk much can still obtain the benefits of milk by eating dairy products that are made using milk. Milk is used in making products like butter, cheese, cottage cheese, curd etc. Milk helps in developing strong teeth as it covers enamel from acidic foods. Milk is also used in making natural skincare products. Using milk with natural honey is ideal for getting a glowing complexion.

Calories in Milk – Get Your Facts Right

While milk is full of nutrients and taking it daily helps one in various ways, people should know the facts about its calorie quotient. Milk is available in a number of variants like, skimmed milk, low fat and whole milk. Those who have a tendency to put on weight should not take whole milk as the calories in milk will make them obese. In general, a glass of milk can contain 83-146 calories depending on the variant. For people with a lean body this should not be much of a concern though. Non fat milk and skimmed milk also offer nutritional benefits but they have fewer calories. Hence, those on a diet and worried about calories in milk can take these variants. However, these cannot match the yummy taste and flavour of whole milk.

Calcium in Milk – Ideal for Bones

Milk should be taken by people who lead a hectic life and do not get time for taking nutritious meals. Calcium in milk is another solid reason for including it in one’s diet. Needless to say, calcium plays a vital role in developing stronger bone and teeth in both men and women. Children taking milk from an early age are less likely to suffer from brittle bone and weak teeth in future. Elderly lot, who take milk regularly can do without resorting to calcium supplements and capsules for their bone health. The calcium found in milk gets easily absorbed into bloodstream.

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