Benefits of Okra – Understanding the Various Medicinal Uses

Indigenous to the Middle East region, Okra is a vegetable known for its distinctive elongated shape and slimy texture. It grows the best in manure and well drained soil.

Benefits of Okra – Vegetable with Awesome Goodness Inside

The benefits of Okra are numerous and health conscious lot should include it in their diet. It can be used in making a number of veg dishes or can be taken in boiled form. Owing to its slippery texture people eating this vegetable do not need to chew it much. Okra pods help in digestion and helpful for people who suffer from constipation conditions. It is best to buy and consume immature and green okra pods to get the maximum benefits of Okra. Pods that are too soft and have a sunken appearance should not be bought. Okra has a neutral taste and therefore can be used with lots of other vegetables and lentils. Okra leaves can be used in making salads.

Okra Nutrition – Nutrients Galore for Health Freaks

Those who want to adopt a vegetarian diet should include okra in it as this vegetable offers matchless nutritional values. Okra nutrition is ideal for children and adults and from a single vegetable they can get plenty of required minerals and vitamins. Okra pods are rich in Vitamin A and they also have flavonoid anti-oxidants like beta carotenes. As a matter of fact, okra is among those vegetables that have high concentration of these anti oxidants. Vitamin A is good for skin. Flavonoid anti-oxidants help fighting lung related diseases. Okra nutrition is also required for those who want to intake required amount of vitamin C per day. Vitamin C is ideal for enhancing natural immunity levels in human body. It also offers cover from free radicals and cold related ailments to an extent. Okra pods also contain liberal amounts of vitamin B-6 and Vitamin K.

Okra Health Benefits – Suitable for All

Consuming okra is beneficial for a number of reasons and people from almost any age group can consume this vegetable. Those who want to decrease their daily calorie intake would benefit significantly from eating okra as it is really low in Calories. For instance, consuming 100 grams of okra amounts to in taking just 30 calories. Okra is rich in dietary fiber and helps in reducing cholesterol levels. Pregnant women should eat okra during pregnancy period as it is enriched with folic acid which helps in keeping the foetus healthy. People taking okra daily in their food can give some other vegetables skip without suffering any deficiency in nutrition. In order to get Okra health benefits, you should cook it in low flame and avoid using much oil.

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