Bilberry Extract – Health Benefits and Side Effects on the Infusion from the Edible Berries

There are quite a number of side effects as well as health benefits associated with the consumption of the bilberry extract. These are edible berries that are known to have very powerful antioxidant properties.

Bilberry Extract – Some Vital Facts

Bilberry is a plant that is commonly found in the different parts of northern Europe. The bilberry extract is made from the leaves of this plant and is known to have a number of healing properties. It can provide relief from menstrual cramps, various circulatory problems and diarrhea. The bilberry extract should be consumed at least three times during the day in order to reap the maximum benefits. However, this plant extract is not effective for all medical conditions and in certain cases this plant extract is known to generate toxic side effects such as blood thinning.

Bilberry Benefits – Advantages of Consumption

The bilberry plant has been produced in several countries since time immemorial. One of the bilberry benefits that is the most well known is that it helps in improving a person’s vision. It helps in treating retinopathy which is basically damage to the retina, leading to blindness. Bilberry contains anthocyanocides which protect the retina. It could also benefit cataracts by preventing existing cataracts from becoming worse. Another one of the most renowned bilberry benefits is that is helps in the curing of diabetes. The extracts from the bilberry plant have been shown to contain very low levels of blood sugar.

Bilberry Side Effects – Undesirable Consequences

Bilberry also known as the European blueberry is very closely related to huckleberry and blueberry. While bilberry is a very powerful anti inflammatory, if you consume bilberry you might encounter a number of undesirable side effects. One of the bilberry side effects is the harm that it could cause to people suffering from blood clotting disorders. Bilberry is rich in its content of active compounds which in turn have very strong anticoagulant properties. Consequently it slides down the rate at which the blood clots. Another one of the bilberry side effects is that it can be highly toxic. The active ingredients contained in bilberry could accumulate to highly toxic levels, thus poisoning the human body and at times even leading to death.

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