Bodybuilding Nutrition – Follow the Perfect Diet Plan

Nutrition plays an important role in the success of a bodybuilding plan and it is also required for recuperation and growth along with fulfilling the energy needs. Meals should be taken in smaller portions in frequent intervals and ingredients like olive oil should be included in your diet.

Bodybuilding Nutrition – Burns Fat and Increases Metabolism

The body building diet should be balanced with a proper proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The percentage of carbohydrate should be 40%, that of protein 40% and that of fat 20%. For proper bodybuilding nutrition, there should be a cycling of calories. For five days, high calories can be consumed and for 2 days, lower calories or vice versa. Carbohydrate intake should be controlled as its excess intake leads to weight gain. A successful bodybuilding nutrition plan should consist of 1-1.5 g of protein for each lean body weight per pound. It also consists of consumption of healthy fats including monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats. Water also plays an important part in the bodybuilding process.

Bodybuilding Diet Plan – the Ideal Food Combination

For the goal of building muscles, a right bodybuilding dietplan is important. Ideally, one should have 6 meals a day. The first meal should consist of whites and yolk of egg, low fat cheese, banana, oats, and low fat milk and whey protein powder. The second meal consists of tuna, bagel of whole wheat, low fat mayo, lettuce as well as tomato. The third meal consists of grilled chicken breast, baked potato, and salad along with a dressing of olive oil. The fourth meal consists of sandwich of turkey breasts, fat milk or yoghurt which is low in fat, whole wheat toast, low fat cheese and also tomato. The fifth meal consists of grilled steak, brown rice and salad. The sixth meal consists of cottage cheese, almonds and whey protein. The quantity of food in the above bodybuilding diet plan can be adjusted on the basis of body weight and fat.

Muscle Building Foods – Essential for Body Builders

The process of building muscles can be accelerated by muscle building foods, which convert the fat in the body to lean muscles. The foods for muscle building include oats and Quinoa which provide carbohydrates and reduce cholesterol. They also contain minerals as well as vitamins. Dairy products which are low in fat provide proteins along with carbohydrates. A protein shake can be added to skim milk and consumed after a workout. Peanut butter has carbohydrates along with proteins and is a complete food. The fresh fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients. Eggs and red meat are also found to be good for bodybuilding.

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