Burrito Nutrition – Tortillas with a Filling

Burrito is a well-known diet recipe for snacks or appetizers and loved by almost all people especially the kids. This famous Mexican cuisine, usually comprised of tortillas, generally corn tortillas that are filled up with either animal protein, vegetables or salads, then are rolled and baked, is extremely healthy.

Burrito Nutrition – Taking a Look

Burrito is definitely very safe to consume and absolutely a good choice for those who are on diet because this Mexican food contains important nutrients crucial to the body. Included to the list of burrito nutrition is its high level of vitamins that include vitamin A and vitamin C. Individuals who are enduring from these deficiencies can include this food to their diet. The high amount of calcium that is important in strengthening the bones and teeth is also included to the list of burrito nutrition. Similarly, burrito is a good source of iron significant in improving the oxygen carrying capability of the blood. Added to the list of burrito nutrition is sodium, a crucial mineral needed by the body for easy transporting of nutrients in the cells.

Calories in a Burrito – According to Fillings

Calories in a burrito vary because there are various assortments of fillings used in making this renowned Mexican food. While burrito with tomato salsa, sour cream, lettuce, Fajita vegetables, chicken and black beans contains an approximated 745 calories, burrito with guacamole, cheese, red salsa, Fajita vegetables, lettuce, steak and pinto beans has an estimated 895 calories. Calories in a burrito with salad dressing, chips, cheese, corn salsa, Fajita vegetables, Carnitas and Mexican rice are at 1,620, while burrito with chips, lettuce, guacamole, green salsa, Barbacoa and black beans has 1,300 calories. There are 985 calories and 1,855 calories at burritos with salad dressing, lettuce, sour cream, tomato salsa, chicken and pinto beans, and salad dressing, lettuce, guacamole, chips, sour cream, cheese, red salsa, steak, Fajita vegetable and Mexican rice, respectively.

Burrito Nutrition Facts – Things to Know

One of the most interesting burrito nutrition facts is that homemade burritos have calories that are considerably lesser than those prepared at fast food chains and restaurants. A burrito that contains any kind of beans and meat has more saturated and trans fat, dietary fibers and protein compared to a vegetarian burrito. But one way to lessen the fats and calories in this Mexican food is to go for a vegetarian version. Piling up on things like guacamole, chips, sour cream, salad dressing and cheese are recommended to be avoided because they just increase the calories of burrito to a large extent. If they cannot be left out, it is suggested that those things must be lessen in portion to decrease the calories.

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