Castor Oil Benefits – Health Factors on the Purgatives Extracted from the Castor Seeds

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti moisturizing properties and it is widely used for cosmetic purposes. This is used for cleansing hair and skin thoroughly. Castor oil, which contains ricinoleic and fatty acids, is taken from castor bean plant.

Castor Oil Benefits – Treating Myriad Health Problems

Castor oil is effective for treating a number of health problems. Getting relief from constipation and diarrhea is one of the major castor oil benefits. It contains undecylenic acid, which is helpful for treating ringworm. It is also effective for treating athlete’s foot, menstrual disorders, migraines, gastrointestinal problems, yeast infections, etc. Castor oil benefits also include treating serious health problems such as labour induction, sciatic nerve pain, hair loss, arthritis, lymph problems, tumors, etc. It is also beneficial for treating some neurological problems like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc. It is an organic remedy for improving vigor, physical fitness and overall health of your body.

Castor Oil Hair – Promotes Growth

Castor oil is a solution for dry hair and hair loss and it can be used for deep conditioning. Castor oil hair helps to remove dirt from scalp and thus, it effectively prevents dandruff. Due to moisturizing properties of castor oil, the oil hydrates strands and provides you shinier and healthier hair. It has anti bacterial properties, which is beneficial for preventing hair fall and inducing hair growth. You can also apply pure castor oil on eyebrows and eyelashes for growing them thick. It is also effective for stimulating hair growth and curing acne. However, excessive usage of castor oil hair may lead to sticky and oily hair.

Castor Oil for Skin – Highly Beneficial

Castor oil is an effective moisturizer, which can be used for cleansing your skin thoroughly. It prevents skin dryness, removes pimples without leaving dark spots. Castor oil for skin effectively controls inflammation on your skin. This oil is a rich source of ricinoleid acid, which is useful for treating sunburns, abrasions, burns, small cuts, etc. It is also beneficial for preventing skin disorders like eczema and acne. You can also use it for conditioning your skin. It is a natural emollient and it speeds up the production of elastin and collagen. Castor oil for skin is beneficial for moisturizing and hydrating your skin. If you apply it regularly, you can make your skin smoother and flawless. However, castor oil has some side effects as well. Excessive usage may lead to diarrhoea, vomiting and poisoning.

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