Coffee Benefits – Discussing the Nutritional Achievements

Although coffee was never considered as healthy drink, latest research has identified plenty of health benefits of this drink due to its nutrients. Nowadays, nutritional potential of coffee is being considered helpful in reducing risk of several ailments like cardio-diseases, liver cirrhosis, diabetes, prostrate cancer, etc.

Coffee Benefits – Health Advantages

According to WHO statistics, yearly global consumption of coffee is 400 hundred billion cups. Worldwide popularity of coffee is for not only its taste and refreshing qualities, according to research, there are plenty of coffee benefits, which have promoted this hot beverage into a super drink. Prime health benefits of coffee areThe high antioxidant content of coffee is good for heart health if consumed in moderation.Caffeic acid of coffee protects endothelial brain cells and improves thought processing prowess and memory power.Consumption of coffee in moderation reduces the risk of stroke, and eases muscle pain.Sensible consumption of coffee promotes immunity level and reduces risk of cardio diseases, formation of gallstones, diabetes type-2, certain cancerous diseases, and prevents formation of dental cavities.Reasonable consumption of coffee helps in staying hydrated; prevention of dehydration, according to latest research on coffee, is one of the potential coffee benefits.

Coffee Nutrition Facts – Unique and Distinct

Coffee nutrition facts are unique because nutrients of coffee beans and coffee drink may differ from each other depending on certain conditions. Coffee beans contain complex mix of chemical compounds; its aroma contents are volatile in nature, which include aldehydes, ketones, esters, amines, and mercaptans. Non-volatile components are taste components, which include carbohydrate, phenolic acid, trigonelline, chlorogenic acid, etc. In addition to these ingredients, coffee bean contains protein [11%], sucrose and other sugar [8%], oils [10-15%], various organic acids [6%], caffeine [1-2%] and some quantity of iron. Surprisingly, except caffeine, hardly any of these nutrients is found in beverage form of coffee. However, coffee nutrition facts largely depend on its brewing, therefore, quality of coffee is mostly decided by the efficiency and authenticity of its processing.

Coffee Calorie – Interesting Facts

Several studies are done on coffee calorie values and the results have confirmed that without additives, coffee is a nearly zero-calorie beverage. In order to control calorie intake from coffee, a few factors are to be taken in consideration.It is always recommended not to include whipped cream in coffee; it will reduce 80-130 calorie intake.Instead of sugar, use of sugar-free sweeteners or sugar-free syrups will save a chunk of calories.It is better not to add chocolates in coffee drink.Use of skimmed milk will save nearly 140 calories than use of cream in coffee.Black coffee is the best option for regular consumption as it contains zero-fat and shows low count for coffee calorie value.

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