Cookie Nutrition – Health Benefits on the Sweet Cakes

To maintain nutritional level in homemade cookies, vegetable oil can be used instead of butter. Cookies with dry fruits should be taken as they contain more fiber.

Cookie Nutrition – Healthy and Tasty Treats for All

There is no denying the fact that cookies are loved by people from all age groups owing to their yummy taste and nutritional values. Mothers do not prevent their kids from munching on these as snacks or even appetizers because they know about cookie nutrition. They are available from various brands and can also be made at home without much hassle. However, from the nutritional point of view homemade cookies score much higher than branded cookies. As a matter of fact home baked cookies offer better nutritional value. Cookies brought from the stores contain a large amount of sugar and while this makes them yummier the nutritional score goes down. People interested about cookie nutrition should remember that it contains carbohydrate which is essential for health but not in excess. Eating a lot of cookies daily can lead to obesity. Some people may also develop gluten-related allergies caused by flour used in these snacks.

Protein Cookies – Substitute for Animal Proteins

Cookies can be made using various ingredients, the main being flour and oil. However, people who are conscious about health and want to increase the amount of protein intake should eat protein cookies. It is possible to make cookies with high amount of protein at home. People can use oatmeal to make homemade cookies with liberal amount of vegetarian protein. Protein cookies are suitable for those who do not like meat and eggs yet want to include protein in their diets. On an average one large sized oatmeal based cookie weighing 25 grams can contain up to 1.5 gram of protein. Nowadays a few brands are making sugar free cookies based on oatmeal. These cookies may help people craving for sweet food and snacks.

Low Calorie Cookies – Benefits Galore

Like every food sold from the supermarkets cookies are also available in low calorie and diet versions these days. It was in 1975 that low calorie cookies hit the market. Initially they used to be baked in amino acid to thwart craving for food. The so called diet cookies also offer liberal amount of fiber. These are helpful for digestion. Nowadays such cookies offer many benefits including high protein, low fat and low sugar. Cookies eaten one hour prior to lunch can act as excellent appetizers. They can also be used to beat hunger pangs during the day. People who tend to gorge on junk foods to beat hunger pangs indiscriminately can benefit from munching on diet cookies which will save them from consuming excess fat and provide energy to work.

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