Cream Cheese Nutrition – The Healthy and the Unhealthy Facts

Cream cheese was invented in USA also goes by the name Philadelphia cream cheese. It is a comparatively healthy variant of ordinary cheeses. This can be used in the making of an array of desserts and other dishes.

Cream Cheese Nutrition – Nutritional Information and Facts

Cream cheese nutrition is a good way to start your day and you can add this to your bagels and muffins for breakfast to enhance the flavour and texture of the same. Apart from being a rich source of fat and cholesterol, it also contains adequate amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. It also contains minimal amounts of vitamins and minerals, which are required for proper growth and maintenance of the body. About 2 percent of calcium required on a daily basis can be attained by consuming cream cheese. However, these vitamins and minerals are not enough for proper functioning of the body. But cream cheese nutrition does help fulfil the nutritional requirements of the body to a certain extent.

Cream Cheese Calories – For Great Health

A 1-oz serving of cream cheese contains about 100 calories. Of these 100 cream cheese calories, 80 percent is pure fat. This is 5 percent of your daily recommended calories. This cheese does not contain harmful trans fats and are hence quite healthy. But, cream cheese is rich in fats and cholesterol and hence those looking to maintain a leaner and fitter body should consume this in moderation only. Cream cheese calories can lead to obesity and related problems. You can measure the amount of cream cheese you consume daily and calculate the calorie content in the same to avoid overconsumption.

Cream Cheese Facts – Usage

In spite of cream cheese facts like its rich fat and cholesterol content, it remains an essential part of cuisines in almost all parts of the world. This makes an excellent sandwich spread and goes well with almost all kinds of sandwiches. This is also a very vital ingredient of cheesecake. This can also be added to an array of frostings and can also be used in the making of some delicious pastries. It can also be used to make dips and sauces of specific kinds. However, cream cheese has a low shelf life and hence it should be consumed soon after opening.

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