Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – Exploring the Possibilities of Fast Fat Loss

A ketogenic diet is rich in fat and low in carbohydrate content, along with an adequate amount of proteins which helps in effective weight reduction. The diet helps in forming body ketones, a byproduct of fat metabolism, to produce energy, instead of burning carbohydrates for energy.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet – Working Diet Plan

Ketosis occurs in your body when the carbohydrate content is around fifty grams per day or under. In cyclical ketogenic diet, the carbohydrate consumption should be around thirty to fifty grams per day. In the week end, you can consume a diet rich in carbohydrates as a means to refill your muscle glycogen. The phases are referred to as Carb-up phase and Carb-down phase respectively. In order to set up your diet, your lean body weight should be multiplied by one which is the total protein amount you have to consume every day. This value should be multiplied by four for calculating the calories from protein. The rest of the calorie should come from fats and the carbohydrate calorie can be easily achieved by consuming fresh, green vegetables and incidental Carb foods. For calculating the fat required, subtract the total number of calories required for supporting the body from protein calories, followed by dividing the value by nine, which gives the total fat grams you have to consume every day in the cyclical Ketogenic diet plan.

Ketogenic Diet Menu – The Sample Menu

In order to lose weight ketogenically, the sample ketogenic diet menu should consist of egg with bacon made along with heavy whipping cream and butter followed by an apple. Peanut butter with extra butter can be consumed for snacks. For lunch, you can try tuna salad with celery, mayonnaise, heavy whipping cream along with lettuce. Keto yogurt with heavy whipping cream or sour cream, strawberries with added artificial sweetener can be had for an evening snack. Cheeseburger with lettuce and green beans can be had for dinner. Keto custard made with heavy whipping cream, egg, pure unsweetened vanilla flavoring to add aroma to the cream, can be taken for night snack. While selecting the ketogenic diet menu confirm the exact nutritional ratio before making them.

Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss – Tips

While dieting, initially, fast the body for twenty four to thirty six hours until the body produces relatively high levels of ketones in the body. Then follow ketone diet by justly following and measuring the foods. It is recommended to get the food plan strictly as skipping the plan will make your results inadequate. You should also not forget to take vitamin and mineral supplements as your body receives sufficient nutrients for energy. In case, you experience seizures, vomiting, nausea, etc, do not hesitate to contact your doctor to prevent any side effects. The main advantage of the ketogenic diet weight loss plan is that it contains a lot of proteins which help in building the body muscle and immune system. Weight loss, however, depends upon individuals and their respective metabolic rates.

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