Diet for Children – For Healthy Growing Up

Children require a diet that’s very different from what adults generally eat. It is crucial that they are given a proper balanced meal that’s nutritious and healthy and is also tasty at the same time.

Diet for Children – Nutritional Benefits with Taste

When children are young, it’s the parent who has most control over their diet. For one, the diet for children has to be properly balanced, yet tasty and filling. It is also a myth that a child’s diet must not contain certain components, especially fats. Fats are an essential requirement for children, as much as proteins, vitamins or minerals. That does not mean you should serve them a burger and greasy fries for lunch and dinner. Many children are fussy about food and often refuse to eat the healthy greens, fish, meat or poultry. This has often caused parents to look for other alternatives and resorting to serving them unhealthy food just so they eat. It’s the parents who influence children most, their eating habits especially. It is crucial that a diet for children contains adequate amounts of vital nutrition that is required for growing up into healthy young men and women. Set an example and try to stock your home with the healthiest of foods, but also draw concessions from time to time, allowing them an occasional candy bar or bag of wafers.

Healthy Eating for Children – Influence Them

There are many ways to set some examples of healthy eating for children. For one, make sure you yourselves eat healthy. If you skip those carrot sticks or oatmeal or make faces while having to eat that side of salad and spinach, it is only going to give your kids a reason to avoid them as well. Make sure you specify the importance of eating healthy food, and don’t compensate them everytime by buying high calorie snacks or candies. Eat fruits, and a whole lot of them, preferably after every meal, or just include them in their lunch boxes. There are many tips about healthy eating for children that you can find in different medical magazines and also on the internet. Read up on how to serve food to small children if you need help. Make it attractive and bite sized. This increases the visual appeal and their want for the particular food. Let them eat a certain amount and type of food themselves, like boiled eggs, shredded chicken, sandwiches cut into smaller triangles, etc. Substitute regular pasta with whole wheat variety, add lots of veggies in, serve them fresh fruit juices, smoothies or shakes by using honey instead of sugar for sweetening, use sprouted pulses, etc.

Healthy Kids Snacks – Tasty But Nutritious

A fun way to make your kids finish their meals is to serve them some healthy kids snacks, especially between meals. Most children are averse to milk. Yet it is a vital part of healthy growing, so use smart tips and tricks to include these items in their food. Mix milk into dough for bread, or add it to smoothies and fruit juices. Give them a chance to hunt for the healthier version by stocking the fridge ahead with whole grain cookies and crackers, veggie rolls, fruit salad, healthy chicken sandwiches, etc. Make sure you limit the amount of sugary stuff at home or keep them in places that is visible, making it clear that those are only for occasions, rather than hiding them, because that will only make them curious. Give the foods different names, and funny or jazzy one’s at that. If you serve cereal for breakfast, avoid sugar frosties, substituting them with healthier versions. Serve them unsalted nuts, cream cheese with fruit and cracker, home-made popcorn. And the last but most important thing is to never let your children sit in front of the TV during meals and don’t force feed them. Let meal times be an enjoyment, not a prison rule.

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