Easy Diet Plans – Selection of Foods to Maintain Health

It is important to choose the diet plan that saves you from starving of food. Instead, as per the experts, diet plans that encourage the follow-up of 5 small diet meals are considered ideal and practical.

Easy Diet Plans – Diets that Encourage Health

There are certain easy diet plans which encourage speedy and noticeable weight loss without compromising on the nutrient intake of the follower. However, it is important to note that such weight loss plans prove effective only if they are religiously followed for the desirable span of time. Glycemic Index Diet is considered as one of the most easy diet plans suitable for women. This plan encourages the consumption of food that scores minimal in fat content and high in fiber content.The Mediterranean Diet is yet another approachable health-oriented diet plan which focuses on the intake of fruits, chicken, fish, cheese and other milk products, however, in moderate quantities. Some of the other diet plans which are relatively easier to follow are South Beach Diet, Zone Diet and Detox Diet.

7 Day Diet Plan – Naturally Losing Weight

7 Day Diet Plan as the name specifies, is a simple to follow diet plan which encourages different food eating habits for the span of seven days. The first day of the plan stresses on the maximum consumption of fruits and juices. The second day encourages the consumption of fresh veggies of sorts. The third day allows the savor of fruits and vegetables. The following days of the 7 Day Diet Plan allow the introduction of low fat poultry or chicken item, however, in a moderate quantity. The result of the diet is a well nourishes body with considerable weight shed.

Low Calorie Diet Plan – Effective Ways to take 1000 calories

Taking just 1000 calories from one’s daily food regimen may sound extremely drastic, however, there are some fast-track low calorie diet plan which encourage quick weight losses by restricting the calorie intake. Most of such diet plans heavily binge on the intake of water in form of sugar-less drinks, coffee and tea. The ideal menu offering this amount of calories stress on the intake of 60 gm of proteins, 21 gm of fats and 145 gm of carbohydrates in the entire day. Whole-meal breads, fruits, except for banana, low-cal green salad, roasted chicken, lean lamb and low-fat milk are foods that are encouraged for intake by this diet plan.

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