French Green Beans – Powerhouse of Nutrients

French green beans are a tasty and potentially nutritious vegetable which is widely used for preparing healthy dishes all over the world. Due to its low calorie and fat-free content, these veggies are good for obese and diabetic patients as well.

French Green Beans – the Healthy Food Item

Beans are nutritious low-calorie green vegetable and out of its multiple varieties French green beans are known for its multiple health benefits. These beans can be consumed both in its green and dried conditions and the dried beans are called haricots. This specific been variety is also called string bean and according to records, this been category was introduced from America to European countries in and around 16th century as green nutritious vegetable. Farming French Green Beans is quite profitable for its wide demand and easy adaptability of the bean plants. Almost all types of light and rich soils are ideal for planting these beans; it is recommended to grow string bean plants at the sunny sheltered portion of a garden or in a farm house adjacent area.

Green Beans Nutrition – Food Values Details

French beans are fat-free vegetables and are enriched with vitamin A, C, and loads of flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants ingredients like lutein, zeaxanthin, and beta carotene, etc. in it. Green beans nutrition value is quite high. Due to its iron content, these beans are wonderful natural food items for treatment of anemia; apart from vitamins and iron content this sleek veggie contains considerable amount of potassium, manganese, magnesium, and calcium which also contribute to a great support for healthy digestive system and over all immunity level of body. It is a calorie-free food item which is good for diabetic patients because due to its fiber portion, beans work as a filler and reduce hunger pang. Green beans nutrition is often recommended for carrying mothers because of its folate content as bean adds extra support for over all fetus growth.

Green beans calories – Low Count Matters

Green beans are often considered as super veggies. For the wonderful health benefits of French beans these beans are used in preparing delicious culinary dishes. Green bean calories counts are quite low hence obese people can include it in their diet .Diabetic patients may have it without any prohibition of food restriction or chance for consumption of high calorie enriched foods. For example, French bean and tofu cooked together creates tasty and nutritious food dish; similarly French beans with pork or beef is a good natural food for retaining good eyesight. Chopped French beans are often used as filler in egg dumplings and kids and adults like its taste. Boiled green beans can be used in vegetable salads; due to low count of green beans calories, it is a widely favorite green vegetable for health conscious people across the world.

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