Healthy Eating Habits – Practice Eating the Best Nutritious Food

The key to healthy eating is to include vegetables, fruits and other food that will keep you fit, strong and energetic and calorie-rich treats like ice creams and pizzas can be taken in moderation. A healthy food pattern ensures your well-being throughout your life.

Healthy Eating Habits – First Step to Fitness

Healthy eating habits are essential for people of all age groups – starting from children, to teenagers to elderly people. Sticking to a healthy diet is not about starving yourself or avoiding food you love simply because it is loaded with calories. Rather it is more about ‘intelligent eating’ wherein you go for food that provides you with plenty of energy, cut down on snacks that have no nutritive value. Eating several small portions of carefully-chosen meals in a day instead of three large meals can keep you energetic throughout the day. Healthy eating habits cannot be developed overnight, start slowly and gradually and work on improving it day after day.

Healthy Meal Plan to Shape your Day

It is much easier to follow a regular diet pattern by jotting out a healthy meal plan. Planning what food to cook and eat for every day of the week makes it much easier to control the calories intake. Make sure that you include food you love eating, because it would be difficult to stick to the healthy meal plan week after week if there are food you include simply because it is healthy. Some of the food like fruits, spinach, sprouts, nuts and whole grains are great to add with everyday meals. Choose a healthy cereal for breakfast, cook your meals in olive oil instead of regular cooking oil and go for low-fat dairy products. Generally soups, salads and steamed food are good choices that can be included every day. Use online resources to calculate the number of calories in your food and nutrition facts to get an idea and shape your diet to perfection.

Benefits of Healthy Fats in Diet

There is a general belief that fats always contribute to weight and a host of health problems – but not all fats are bad. While saturated fats and trans fats commonly found in fast food can be avoided as they add to bad cholesterol, it is necessary to include unsaturated fats in the regular diet because the omega 3 fatty acids present in these healthy fats can actually protect against heart disease and high blood pressure and helps in improving brain function. Nuts, seeds, olive oil, cold water fish are few of the food rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Among the healthiest fruits, papaya and cantaloupe deserve special mention. Apart from being a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and dietary fiber, these fruits are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

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