Honey Health Benefits – For Body Ailments and Skin Care

Cure of various body ailments and a nourishing effect on the skin are some of the amazing honey health benefits that make this natural product a popular home based remedy all over the world. Energy and immunity boosting are some of the other key advantages of taking honey regularly.

Honey Health Benefits – Natural and Safe Cures

There are a wide range of honey health benefits which can be availed without any specialized formulas by regular consumption of this natural product in its raw form at home itself. The natural fruit sugars contained in honey act as energizers for people of all ages. Its anti oxidants and anti bacterial properties are essential to build up a better immunity system that can prevent a host of common as well as complicated diseases. It has been scientifically proven that honey contains anti tumor and carcinogen preventing properties which help ward off tumor and cancer. Other common honey health benefits include cures for ailments like yeast infection, arthritis pain and athlete foot while also being an essential first aid for wounds, cuts and burns.

Honey for Cough – Effective Solution

The use of honey for cough is a time tested traditional cure which has now been substantiated through advanced medical research. The sweet syrupy property of honey first soothes the throat and adjoining muscles to reduce the urge for coughing due to irritation. The wonderful anti oxidant and anti microbial functions of honey thereafter react to reduce the primary infection of the throat which is the cause for irritation and subsequent coughing. Doctors believe that use of honey is far more effective than the chemical agent called dextromethorphan which is commonly used in most cough syrups. There are several formulas of honey for cough which require mixing it with other natural products like ginger, lemon juice and even apple cider vinegar.

Honey for Skin – Organic Cleansing

The use of honey for skin treatment has been around for the many centuries and has now evolved into a regular form of skin care with elaborate procedures. The basic properties of honey which make it a wonderful companion for glowing skin is the anti oxidants contained in it. These elements retard the ageing process and offer the skin a healthier and firm tone. The anti bacterial properties of honey help avoid skin infections which might cause irritation followed by rashes. Traditional Chinese medicine recommends honey as a treatment for minor skin ailments like acne and pimples. The moisture retaining function of honey, when applied on skin helps maintain it soft, silky and supple while absorbing the impurities from the pores to provide the necessary cleansing effect.

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