Iced Tea Nutrition – Nourishment from the Wonderful Beverage

Iced tea is a very popular variant of tea and is served chilled, with or without sugar. It is served in fast food joints all over the world but can be made within the comforts of your home as well.

Iced Tea Nutrition – Important Information and Facts

Iced tea nutrition is very minimal when compared to other beverages and juices. The simple ingredients like tea leaves, lemon or other flavourings does not add much nutritional value to iced tea. But certain variants of iced tea like Thai iced tea, Lipton iced tea, etc., possesses certain nutrients that are vital for proper functioning of the body. Thai iced tea contains milk, sugar, etc., and hence it possess some amount of fats unlike other iced teas. Lipton iced tea contains carbohydrates, sodium, phosphorous, etc., which are vital nutrients for body. The presence of caffeine in the same makes one feel energised and rejuvenated as well. This minimal iced tea nutrition is also beneficial for overall health and fitness.

Iced Tea Calories – Information

Iced tea calories depend on the making of iced tea. Varieties of iced teas possess varying calories. For instance the Thai iced tea contains about 120-180 calories depending on the type of ingredients used. Sweetened iced teas are high on calorific content when compared to unsweetened ones. Iced tea with sugar contains about 50-100 calories and those made using low calorie sweeteners contains about 7-20 calories. Iced tea calories in sugarless versions of the same are as low as 5 calories. A dash of honey can also be added to iced teas for a low calorie and yet delicious variety of iced tea. Iced tea with raspberries might possess more about 120 calories.

Iced Tea Facts – Tips

One among the important iced tea facts is that it is completely fat free and can be consumed on a regular basis to attain fast weight loss. However, iced tea consumed for weight loss should be sugar free. You can sweeten it using honey as it is not fattening. This can be combined with a low fat diet to promote weight loss. You can make iced tea at home using simple ingredients. However, various companies have come up with iced tea concentrates which is easy to make and tasty as well. These are dissolved in water and then chilled and consumed.

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