Ketosis Diet – Losing Fat the Low Carb Way

Ketosis diet is another term for a low carbohydrate that was originally used for treating pediatric epilepsy. Dieticians and physicians recommend this diet plan for people with weight problems. The diet has to be planned carefully and not extended beyond the recommended duration.

Ketosis Diet – Plans for Weight Loss

Among the many weight loss methods available, the ketosis diet is popular because it is a non-pharmacological therapy and its effectiveness. This diet triggers the process ‘ketosis’, which converts the excess fat and fatty acids in the body into ketones and provides energy to the body. The process forces the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates thus mimicking starvation. The diet includes protein rich foods like egg, shrimp, fish, lamb and foods like salmon, bacon, shell fish that supply healthy fats. A small amount of carbohydrate intake is encouraged to support the ketosis diet process. Once the body system identifies carbohydrate deficiency it will trigger the ketosis phase and promote weight loss. Before the diet is recommended, the physician would screen the patients for medical conditions that might contradict the treatment method.

Ketosis Weight Loss – Brief Analysis

The ketosis weight loss diet helps dieters lose excess fat in their body and provides other benefits like controlling blood glucose level and decreasing appetite. It does not cause tiredness and fatigue like a few other diet plans. But ketosis weight loss diet is known to cause bad breath and may result in increased cholesterol levels or hypertension due to high intake of fat rich foods. Since the diet excludes certain types of foods, it might cause vitamin and mineral deficiency. This diet is proven effective for weight loss but success depends on full understanding of the diet, ability of the dieter to stick to the food requirements and adhere to it for the required period.

Ketosis Diet Plan – The Content

Ketosis is a biochemical reaction through which the body uses up the accumulated fats in the body. The ketosis diet plan, also referred to as ketogenic diet, is aimed at promoting high fat and protein food with limited amount of carbohydrates to promote ketosis in the body. Initially developed for helping patients suffering from epilepsy, it is now recognized as an efficient method for weight loss. A sample diet would include eggs, bacon and tomato for breakfast, beef burger and lettuce for lunch, and salmon steak and green beans for dinner. Yogurt, strawberries, full fat milk, cheese are recommended while starchy vegetables, bread, cakes, chocolates should be avoided. The dieters should understand the requirements of this diet before deciding to follow it.

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