Kiwi Fruits – Nutritious Egg-Shaped Fruits with Green Flesh

Kiwi plants are usually not easily affected by insects and pests, which make them a low maintenance crop. It is commonplace to see Kiwi pickers using cotton gloves to prevent fruits getting bruised by chance.

Kiwi Fruits – Tasty with an Interesting History

Kiwi fruit, grown in certain selected parts of the world, is in huge demand for its unique taste and attributes. Contrary to what many people think about it owing to its larger size and brown outer skin, it is actually a variant of berry. In ancient China, it was used as an aphrodisiac. Its roots can be traced back to China where it was harvested nearly 7 centuries ago. On an average, kiwi fruits grow up to 3 inches and weigh about 2.5 ounces. These fruits are hand-picked, and luckily for the harvesters, the foliage starts shedding in the picking season. Kiwi fruits grow somewhat like grapes, and the trees resemble shrubs to an extent. The average tree height can range up to 6 feet. The flavonoids and carotenoids found in this fruit help save the human DNA from damages caused by oxygen. Since kiwis are enriched with fibers, they also help users in digestion. Foods rich in fiber help in thwarting colon cancer. Kiwi also helps in retaining eyesight since it has lutein and zeaxanthin, two natural chemicals residing in human eye.

Kiwi Fruit Benefits – Health Boosting Properties

Kiwi is a fruit known for its tremendous health boosting values. Kiwi fruit benefits outweigh the health benefits offered by many well known fruits and plants. It contains lots of minerals, fiber and vitamin C. Its antioxidants also help the users in fighting skin damages caused by free radicals. The fruit is delicious and its skin can be used for making facial mask. Studies performed on nutritional benefits of these fruits have indicated that they are useful for people suffering from respiratory ailments and asthma. Children who are susceptible to catching cold and suffering from cough can benefit from eating these fruits. Kiwi fruit benefits also include the capability to fight cardiovascular diseases.

Kiwi Fruit Facts – Benefits that You Gain

The kiwi fruit was originally called sunny peach in China centuries back. It is assumed that the fruits were shipped to New Zealand where the harvest became popular. Isabel Frazier a missionary is given the credit for bringing them to New Zealand. Kiwi fruit facts are as fascinating as are the tales of its origin. Golden kiwis were harvested for the first time in 1991. These are used a lot on making fruit salads. While Kiwi plants can withstand snow and cold climate, they need to be made accustomed to chill gradually. These fruits are mainly harvested in Italy, South Africa and Chile along with New Zealand.

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