Lemonade Nutrition – Health Factors on the Lemon-Flavored Drinks

Lemonade is a popular beverage made primarily of water, lemon and sugars. This could be made using sweetened water or carbonated water as well. These also come in flavoured versions with fruits like peach, berries etc.

Lemonade Nutrition – Facts and Information

When compared to other fruits and vegetables juices, lemonade nutrition is almost negligible. This is because the ingredients used in the making of lemonade do not possess any nutritional value as such. However, the nutritional value of lemonade might vary depending on the type of ingredients used in the same. Addition of fruits in lemonade can increase its nutritional value. Cock tails and mock tails are made out of lemonades and alcoholic beverages like vodka etc. which in turn can alter lemonade nutrition content. However, the basic lemonade made out of sugar and lemon is rich in vitamin C as lemon is one of the rich sources of the same. This also contains negligible amounts of certain minerals and proteins.

Lemonade Calories – Things to Remember

Simple homemade lemonade possesses about 160-170 calories. These calories mainly come from white sugar and lemon. However lemonade calories vary depending on the sweetening agents and ingredients used in it. Usage of fruit syrups can elevate the calorie count of lemonade. As compared to white sugar, brown sugar has lesser calorie content because of the presence of water. So using brown sugar to make lemonade can lower the calorie levels to a certain extent. Best replacement for sugar is honey as it contains minimal calories and can make the lemonade just as sweet as sugars. Lemonade calories in the variations made with honey is not more than 120 calories.

Lemonade Nutritional Facts – Information

Varieties of lemonade containing fruits like strawberry, cranberries, peach etc. consist of tiny amounts of vitamin C, calcium and similar nutrients. The presence of sugars in lemonade makes it rich source of carbohydrates as well. One among the most important lemonade nutritional facts is that, usage of lemon for making lemonades makes it a fat and cholesterol free beverage. In fact this drink can also be incorporated with a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen for fast and effectual weight loss. However, this requires replacement of sugar used in lemonade with honey for desired results. Lemon is also rich source of antioxidants and dietary fibres.

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