Licorice Benefits – Treating Several Health Conditions

Products that contain real Licorice extract have countless health benefits and can help treat a lot of illnesses. Not to be confused with the red licorice candy, this root extract can be consumed in the form of beverage, tablet or food supplement.

Licorice Benefits – Natural Healing Powers

Licorice has been used by ancient civilization as a treatment for medical conditions, a culinary ingredient, a refreshment, a source of vitamins and minerals, an aphrodisiac and a beautifying solution. As medicine, the Licorice benefits include treatment of stomach problems like gastric ulcers, indigestion, spasm and duodenal ulcers. It can also help with diuretic, premenstrual and menopausal syndromes. Viral infections which include hepatitis can also be treated. Other licorice benefits include treatment of Bronchitis, sore throat, high level of cholesterol, viral infections, obesity, eczema, herpes, cirrhosis of the liver, arthritis and hypoglycaemia. Based on studies, licorice helps treat ulcer and stomach problems by preventing the prostaglandins, the substance that protect the stomach, from breaking down. It was also found out that licorice may impact the hormones in the body as it may contain estrogen-like properties. The testosterone production of male human can also be increased by taking licorice. A plant compound, flavonoids, is also found in this herb. Flavonoids is a good substance used to fight toxins in the body, it is anti-inflammatory and increases the immune system.

Licorice Extract – Other Uses

Apart from all its medicinal benefits, the licorice extract has other uses as well. In many countries in Europe, the sweet extract is combined with other flavourings like mint, menthol, laurel and ammonium chloride to create candies and sweet drops. It is also being used as sweetener for soft drinks, liquor, tea, coffee and other beverages. There are numerous Chinese cuisines that use the licorice extract as one of their aromatic and strong tasting spices; it is generally used in preparing broths, soups and foods that are cooked in soy sauce. The extract can also be used in sweetening and enhancing the taste of tobacco products.

Licorice Tea – Proper Dosage

Generally, the allowable dosage of licorice tea is only one to two cups a day. This dosage is enough to ensure that the body can benefit from all the healing powers it contain. It is best that this be taken before meals for optimal effect. In preparing the licorice tea, infuse ½ to 1 teaspoon of licorice powder or extract to one cup of boiling water. There are various types of licorice products that you can use for the tea preparation. The products that you can find in the market are in the form of powder, finely cut root, peeled and unpeeled root and liquid extract.

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