Low Carb Diet Plans – Simple Weight Loss Programs

A low carb diet plan involves consumption of foods free of carbohydrates for prescribed duration of time for fast and effectual weight loss. This helps curb obesity and related health ailments.

Low Carb Diet Plans – Facts and Considerations

An array of low carb diet plans have come into existence but it is essential to choose the one that suits you best. Before you start off with any diet plan, consult your doctor and get to know the pros and cons of the same. If you suffer from any kind of nutritional deficiency, then such diets should not be tried. The fat burning ability might vary from person to person. For best results a person on these low carb diet plans should stick to the recommended foods and refrain from having anything apart from those suggested foods. This diet plan should not be practised for more than the prescribed period of time or else one might suffer from fatigue and deficiency related disorders.

Low Carb Diet Menu – Foods to Avoid

While on a low carb diet one must keep away from all sorts of unhealthy foods. A low carb diet menu should be free of all white foods made of white refined flour like pasta, rice, noodles, white breads, etc. Fruits and vegetables rich in carbohydrates and starch like bananas; potatoes, etc., should not be consumed. It is also essential to avoid having canned and preserved foods. One should also refrain from having sweetened carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, etc. Low carb diet menu should be free of red meats and other fat rich foods containing trans fats and saturated fats for best results.

Low Carb Diet Foods – List

It is necessary to get a list of all low carb diet foods before starting off a low carb diet. Ample amounts of selective fruits and vegetables can be consumed. Citrus fruits like oranges, berries, etc., and green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, etc., are ideal for consumption. Intake of lean meats and certain fishes cooked with minimal or no oil using simple spices is allowed. These meats can be baked, steamed or boiled and should not be deep fried or shallow fired. It is important to drink plenty of water and few cups of green tea to stay hydrated and refreshed.

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