Mayonnaise Nutrition – Benefits and Impact on Health

Mayonnaise, a steady mixture of egg yolk, oil and lemon juice/vinegar, has many health benefits. It contains vitamin E and the oil content in it keeps the heart healthy. It is also free from harmful food ingredients and food borne diseases.

Mayonnaise Nutrition – The Health Benefits

Mayonnaise is a part of healthy food and it controls sugar level in the blood effectively. It also helps to reduce the risk of sudden heart attack deaths. The mayonnaise nutrition includes protein, water, ash, calories, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. It is a rich source of vitamin E which provides protection from strokes to postmenopausal women and it helps in the reduction of heart disorders in women. It also contains omega-3 fats, which help in reducing the risks of sudden deaths due to heart attacks. Mayonnaise nutrition is also very effective for treating depression, arthritis and for the treatment of colon inflammation.

Calories in Mayonnaise – Varies as per the Type

Mayonnaise is available in different brands and types such as canola, light, fat free, etc and the calories in mayonnaise also varies accordingly. However, one tablespoon of regular mayonnaise contains around 57 to 114 calories. The calorie contents in fat free and light variety of mayonnaises are 10 and 25 respectively. If it is based on canola, the calorie level is very low. The calories in mayonnaise are different if it is prepared by using olive oil, tofu, etc. It can also be prepared by avoiding cholesterol. In such cases, the calorie level in one cup of mayonnaise may approximately be 1644.3.

Mayonnaise Nutrition Facts – Restrict the Intake

Mayonnaise is a rich source many nutrients and a study on mayonnaise nutrition facts shows that 231g of mayonnaise has 769 calories, 77g fats, 11g saturated fats, 18g monounsaturated fats and 45g polyunsaturated fats. The total amount of carbohydrate is 15g and sugar is 10g. It also contains 4916mg omega-3 and 40131mg omega-6 fats. Mayonnaise nutrition facts also show that it contains 14.9 mg vitamin E, 57.1 mg vitamin K and 16.2 mg choline. It is also rich with minerals such as selenium, potassium and sodium. Since mayonnaise has high amount of fat, it is advisable to restrict its intake.

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