Pear Varieties – The Different Forms of the Delicious Fruit

There are different varieties of pears available today which vary greatly in their texture, flavor, shape, character, and so on. Also, these are grown in different seasons.

Pear Varieties – Get Detailed Information

There are more than 3,000 pear varieties grown in different parts of the world. However, only a few of them are carefully selected and cultivated to get the juicy and delicious fruits. Some of the pear varieties include green Anjou, red Anjou, Bosc, etc. The green Anjou season is between September and July. It is juicy and sweet, and also has a refreshing smell. It is an all-purpose variety that is ideal for cooking, snacking, and consuming fresh. The season of red Anjou starts from September and ends in May. It has a moist texture like its green counterpart. The maroon red skin of this kind of pear adds color to desserts, salads, etc. The Bosc pears are grown from September to April. They are woodsy, crisp, and sweet like honey. They are characteristic of long tapered necks and stems. The color of these types of pears is cinnamon brown. These can be eaten fresh or cooked.

Bartlett Pear – Know it Better

The Bartlett pear has a light green to yellow color. It smells sweet and turns out solid yellow when it is ripe. It can be eaten afresh, canned, baked, or consumed with salads. However, heavily bruised ones should be avoided since this indicates that the pear is quite old and not fit to consume. The Bartlett pear can be picked when it is green and hard. After this is done, you can place them in a shady region or ripen them indoors. The growing season of this kind of pear is between August and February. It has a unique pear flavor and contains abundant juice. While growing this type of pear, proper care should be taken since the plant cannot stand temperature extremes.

Asian Pears – More Facts

The Asian pears differ considerably from the traditional European ones. These kinds of pears are round and firm to touch when they ripen. They can be consumed right away after the harvesting is over. These pears are juicy, crisp, and a bit sweet with some amount of tartness towards the core. There are a number of varieties which fall under this category including the Japanese pears, the Chinese pears, etc. The Japanese pears have a round shape while the Chinese pears have an oval shape. The ripe ones are hard and do not become soft. It can be stored for almost one week in room temperature and for about three months in a refrigerator.

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