Popcorn Nutrition Facts – A Nutritional Analysis of the All Time Favorite Snack

Popcorn is a one of the delicious snacks and is a healthy substitute to the oily food that you consume on a daily basis. Popcorn provides vitamins, fibers and minerals in place of the high calories, salt and fat. You can also prepare popcorn at home with relative ease.

Popcorn Nutrition Facts – Amazing but True

Popcorn is extremely healthy and is low on calorie which makes it an appropriate snack choice for young people. There are several popcorn nutrition facts that may sound incredible but are in fact scientifically proven. There are more than forty nutrients present in your popcorn. Popcorn has a high fibre content which proves to be really good for your stomach. The kernel of the corn contains a good amount of protein, iron and phosphorus. You can also consider astonishing popcorn nutrition facts is it contains vitamin E, thiamine, complex vitamin B and riboflavin. The Dental Association of America calls it a sugar free snack which is healthy for your teeth.

Calories in Popcorn – Staying Healthy

Popcorn can play an active role in your weight loss plan due to its low calorie content. Calories in popcorn is low and eating popcorn daily without adding butter or salt can act as a healthy and calorie conscious plan for you. You should pop the corn in hot air without butter and salt. Then only it will act as a low calorie replacement to other junk food items. Hot air popped popcorn has about 30.5 calories while oil popped popcorn can have a calorific value of 55. Calories in popcorn flavored with caramel and peanut is quite high and has a value of 113.7. A large movie bucket of popcorn can have a calorific value as high as 1650.

Carbs in Popcorn – Great Source of Energy

Popcorn is a source of instant energy due to its high carbohydrate content. Carbs in popcorn makes it a great energy food which can be quite filling as well. The carbohydrate content in air popped popcorn is 6g while that in oil-popped popcorn is about 6.3g. Carbohydrate value of the popular cheese flavored popcorn is 5.5g. The carbohydrate content in popcorn can be as high as 35g as found in caramel flavored popcorn. It is a whole grain and therefore turns out to be a healthy unlike other carbohydrate rich food. You can pop the corn in the microwave or on the stove making full use of the carbs in popcorn.

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