Pretzels Nutrition – Learn the Goodness of the Tasty Crackers

Pretzels, especially those made from whole wheat are rich in nutrients and fiber which benefits body functions. Tasty and nutritious, this snack can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Pretzels Nutrition – What’s In A Knot

People may tend to overlook pretzels as nutritious, but according to health experts, the said snack is packed with nutrients that can aid in growth and development. It contains carbohydrates as well as dietary fiber that promote proper digestion and helps prevent certain cancers. Pretzels nutrition boasts of calcium that can benefit children during their development years since calcium is responsible for strong bones and healthy set of teeth; it is also good for adults to promote better blood flow, combat stress or anxiety and in eliminating sleeping problems. Pretzels nutrition also indicates the presence of B vitamins and folic acid which are important vitamins that fight cholesterol and anemia.

Pretzel Calories – Light and Healthy

A small serving of soft pretzels contains 210 calories; 1.92 grams of which is from fat while 43.02 grams of the said pretzel calories come from carbohydrates. On the other hand, a cup of hard pretzels has 152 calories; 1.05 grams from fat and 31.90 grams accounted from carbohydrates. The healthier version of pretzels made from oatbran has 12 calories per piece while a multigrain pretzel has 11 calories; an onze of the whole wheat variant yields 103 pretzel calories. The amount of calorie from coated is dependent upon the coating; a yogurt covered has 19 calories while a chocolate coated one has 50 calories.

Pretzel Nutritional Facts – Things To Know

The presence of unsaturated fat in pretzels is good for blood cholesterol; it does not threaten to increase bad cholesterol levels. Pretzel nutritional facts likewise revealed the presence of important nutrients like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are good for the heart. It contains choline that is responsible in improving the functions of neurotransmitters and different cell membranes. However, people who are in need of protein may find the snack lacking; pretzels can be served with toppings or dips that are rich in protein instead. Pretzels come in different shapes, sizes and flavors; according to experts, the whole wheat variants are healthier and more nutritious.

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