Protein Diet Menu – For the Fitness Conscious Individuals

Protein diet is considered as a good way of eliminating fat intake; it provides lower calorie intake yet provides essential nutrients that are beneficial to body functions.

Protein Diet Menu – Staying Fit, Not Fat

People who want to lose weight as well as body builders stick to a strict protein diet menu which is a set of small meals eaten during specific intervals. The menu often includes protein drinks or shakes from protein powders. For breakfast, eggs can be eaten but it must only be the white part, not the yolk; other breakfast menu suggestions include low fat butter or cheese, freshly squeezed juices, and skimmed milk. The protein diet menu for lunch may include roasted chicken, fish, or turkey served with salad made from vegetables. Brown rice may also be eaten as well as low fat yogurt and leafy greens. As for dinner, the same menu for lunch can be used but for variation grilled sandwiches, pita, tortilla and pancakes from whole grains can also be served. Sugar must be avoided and when a craving sets in, it is best to have fruits instead.

Protein Diet Foods – Choosing What to Eat

There are plenty of foods that are rich in protein which can be included in the regular diet menu of an individual to maximize protein benefits. Protein diet foods include cheese, the Parmesan variety which has low sodium is said to be the one with the highest protein content. Beans, especially the mature ones are also rich in protein; when it comes to meat, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, beef and lean veal are good protein source. Pumpkin seeds, nuts, lentils, watermelon seeds, pulses and squash seeds are good snack options for people in protein diet. As for sea foods, caviar, crab, lobster and fish, particularly anchovies, salmon and tuna are good choices for protein diet foods. Vegetarians and vegans can also go on a protein diet and choose to eat tofu, lentil cabbage, peas, cocoa, and other protein rich vegetables.

Protein Diet Plans – Making Decisions

Going on a diet must be decided upon carefully, it requires dedication and discipline to reap the benefits of a particular diet program. Protein diet plans may differ from one person to another; the 1500 calorie plan for a person may not work well for another because their needs differ. It is best to consult with the doctor first before going on a strict protein diet. Likewise, seeking the advice of experts is necessary to receive the right protein diet which is suited for his/her profile; the expert will know what plan to recommend based on the person’s statistics, body type, goal, lifestyle, eating challenge and the time frame allotted to the diet.

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