Pudding Nutrition – Health Factors on Your Favorite Desserts

Pudding is beneficial to figure-conscious individuals who want a tasty desert. with less calories. Packed with vitamins, it is available in ready-to-eat packs and is a practical recipe for day old bread.

Pudding Nutrition – Less Fat and Low in Calories

Pudding is considered a healthy desert or snack because it has less fat and low in calories. Since it’s mostly sugar with a small amount of fiber, pudding nutrition comes from other ingredients that are combined with the desert to add flavor. It is often mixed with milk which contains carbohydrates, calcium, protein and phosphorus. It also supplies other nutrients like riboflavin, vitamin b-12 and vitamin D. The fiber component in pudding nutrition comes from fruits like raspberry and lemon while additional protein is supplied by other ingredients like walnuts and vanilla. Banana pudding is rich in potassium while pistachio pudding contains sodium, calcium and vitamin D.

Sugar Free Pudding – A Healthier Alternative

Individuals on a low calorie and zero fat diet can have a sugar free pudding for desert. This is recommended for heart patients as well as figure-conscious individuals. Sugar-free pudding is a healthier alternative because it contains non-fat milk and artificial sweeteners that contain fewer calories than natural sugar. It can be safely consumed by individuals who are watching their blood glucose levels. A single serving of Jell-O contains only 60 calories. It also comes in different flavours like pistachio, vanilla, butter scotch, cheesecake, banana cream, chocolate fudge and many more. It can be enjoyed as a snack or after a healthy meal.

Pudding Calories in Light and Heavy Deserts

Individuals who wish to stay fit should monitor the pudding calories. The ready-to-eat snack is low in fat and sugar. The regular formulation contains 90 calories, while the sugar-free version has only 25 calories. However puddings that are made from scratch have higher calorie content. Bread pudding is heavy because it contains old bread, butter, eggs and sugar. Most of the pudding calories come from carbohydrates. A single serving can contain 306 calories while a chocolate pudding contains as much as 320 calories. Rice pudding also has a high calorie count because it contains rice, skimmed milk and sugar. One cup is equal to 302 calories.

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