Runners Diet – Nutrition-packed Meals for the Athletes

The runners should have adequate protein in their diet but excess of animal protein should be avoided. In their mid age they can start taking dietary supplements.

Runners Diet – Nutrition is the Keyword

The runners need to adhere to a nutritious diet consisting of food rich in vitamin, mineral, protein and other vital nutrients. The ideal runners diet should contain a mix of animal and vegetable protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and soy. They can also take only vegetables once a week. The runners should avoid taking red meat and instead chicken should be there in their diet. It is necessary for a runner who is serious about his or her career to stay away from fast foods as far as possible. The excess of saturated fat found in these foods are harmful for their health and can lead to weight gain, which is detrimental for them. The runners diet should not contain much caffeine either. The same thing is applicable for taking alcohol. They should ensure that there is the right balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates in their diet. If necessary they can get the diet prepared by a dietician and adhere to it.

Foods for Runners – Focus on Calorie

The runners should be conscious about calorie intake from the foods they take. The majority of calorie should come from complex carbohydrates in a diet for runners. The rest should come from protein and fat. The runners may sometimes feel pangs of hunger but they should not take any junk food. For a quick bite nuts fit the bill very well. They can also take egg or chicken salads. The foods for runners should also contain a liberal dose of water based stuff like vegetable soups. They lose a lot of water through perspiration and the water intake should be adequate. However, they should abstain from taking aerated drinks. The foods for runners should also contain fish oil as it is rich in nutritional value. It helps them in fighting fat and improving the functionality of body joints.

Runners Diet Plan – Proceed with Planning

The runners should ideally take as much as unprocessed food as possible. Eating packed food is not a good idea for them. The ideal runners diet plan should be composed of small meals all through the day instead of limited heavy meals. The age old idea of three heavy meals a day is not suitable for the runners. By talking small meals many times a day they can feel energetic and cope with hunger pangs. Like every human, runners can also indulge in foods they crave for occasionally as long as they do not overeat. Those runners who prepare for long distance runs should have more of protein in their diets.

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