Sea Salt Benefits – The Healing and Therapeutic Effects

Sea salt is unrefined salt obtained by evaporating sea water collected in man-made pools and contains magnesium, sulfur and iron. It has a number of benefits including great medicinal and healing properties that make it highly sought for in the cosmetic and health industries.

Sea Salt Benefits – Medicinal and Flavoring Properties

Sea salt is different from table salt not just with mineral composition but also in taste. Sea salt benefits your circulatory system by regulating high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. When taken as recommended, it can minimize chances of heart diseases. Sea salt helps to clear your sinus cavities. This strong natural antihistamine provides relief from asthma and for clearing phlegm and mucus plugs in lungs. This salt extracts acidity from brain and kidney and excretes it through urine. Sea salt benefits can also be experienced by diabetics where it regulates body blood sugar levels. It strengthens immune system and accelerates energy levels. It is a natural hypnotic and helps to induce sleep. Sea salt is excellent for your skin and treats condition like psoriasis. It also cures symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and tendonitis. Sea salt has a prominent place in the cosmetic and culinary industry as well.

Sea Salt Scrub – Tips to Make a Scrub

Sea salt can work wonders for your skin since it is an excellent exfoliating agent. Most professionals in the cosmetic industry as well as spa experts suggest the use of sea salt scrub to get rid of dry skin. When mixed with appropriate ingredients, this scrub can be made suitable to your body or your hands and feet specifically. Add a few drops of essential oils such as almond oil or olive oil to sea salt and mix evenly to make a thick coarse paste. Do not make it hard or runny. Adding water or oil to a paste that has become hard or sugar to a runny paste helps to bring sea salt scrub back to consistency. If necessary, you can add aromatic oil to leave a lingering scent on your body all day long. Other ingredients that can be added to this scrub include honey, yoghurt or oatmeal to get the desired effect. Mix them in a glass bowl to avoid reactions and use a loofah while applying on your body for a great exfoliating massage effect. Dead sea salts are more therapeutic than regular sea salts and can be used in this scrub.

Sea Salt Bath – Experience the Benefits

Sea salt bathing therapy helps to improve circulation and rejuvenates your cells. It relaxes your body and nerves immensely since there is exchange of toxins and minerals between water and blood. Various minerals and elements present in sea water create biological balancing effects and staying in warm sea water has its own set of therapeutic and healing properties. The sea salt bath therapy activates body’s healing mechanisms and provides a continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen for cell defense and repair. This therapy is highly recommended for those suffering from psoriasis, non-pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma, bronchitis, chronic pharyngitis, neuroses, stress, arthroses and arthritis. It also enhances positive psychological effects such as improving stability, self control and energy levels.

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