Sugar Nutrition – The Actual Facts and Figures

The nutritional figures and facts of sugar indicate that it is not really beneficial for the human body. The consumption of sugar is believed to result in the formation of empty calories in your body.

Sugar Nutrition – The Health Benefits of Sugar

Sugar has an important role to play for your body. A vital sugar nutrition detail is that upon consuming sugar, one portion of this gets transformed into glucose. This in turn is absorbed and consequently transferred by your liver to all the other parts of your body. Some of this glucose is converted into what is known as stored glycogen. The stored glycogen serves as an excellent energy source for your body. Another important fact about sugar nutrition is that it leads to weight gain. However, when you consume sugar you need to metabolize the glucose in your body as it will otherwise get stored as fat.

Carbs in Sugar – Some Valuable Information

Sugar is a very cheap and popular food ingredient. There is a very high amount of carbs in sugar, which could prove to be damaging for your health. Too much of sugar intake could cause you to put on plenty of calories, which in turn will destroy your body’s immunity. It will elevate the triglycerides in your body to very unhealthy levels, which will then interfere with the metabolization of fatty acids and good cholesterol. The carbs in sugar will also impede your body’s natural chemistry. They will result in an increase in the insulin production within your body. They will make you vulnerable to health problems like diabetes, increased blood pressure, heart disease and raised adrenaline and cholesterol levels.

Sugar Nutrition Facts – Important Details About Sugar

Sugar is one of the most widely used products in food items. Although sugar is nutritionally barren but it is very calorie dense. One of the most important sugar nutrition facts is that it is devoid of fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients such as antioxidants. Refined sugar in particular causes your body to destroy the mineral and vitamin sources so as to fuel the process of digestion. Another one of the sugar nutrition facts is that it contains a lot of carbohydrates. These could revitalize your body and increase your energy levels. The glucose contained in sugar can help to hydrate your body after you have had an intense workout session.

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