Turkey Nutrition – The Healthy and Tasty Lean Meat

Nutrients are high in Turkey and in this lean meat many crucial vitamins and minerals which are quintessential requirements of the body are found generously. Due to its nutritional richness consumption of turkey can fight a gamut of diseases.

Turkey Nutrition – Health Boosters in Turkey

High in protein and low in fat, turkey is almost like a staple consumption for those who are plagued with obesity. This type of white meat is a source of other powerful nutrients without which bodily deficiencies will arise. Turkey nutrition provides our body with zinc, potassium, calcium, niacin, selenium, phosphorous, and riboflavin. Vitamins in the meat are A and C. Moreover it also contains Choline pantothenic acid and amino acids. Often diet specialists recommend turkey to those who are anemic. This is because this meat is rich in iron and so it improves hemoglobin levels. However, turkey is not considered good for those who are suffering from high blood pressure as sodium and cholesterol levels in turkey nutrition are far from low although occasional consumption will not affect health adversely.

Turkey Calories – Calories Calculations

3 oz of turkey from the breast portion contains 88 calories. This implies that turkey calories are exceptionally low when pitted against other forms of meat. Remember that the fat is mostly concentrated in the turkey skin. So try to consume solid meat pieces without the skin and you will not experience the ill effects of turkey calories. However other than inherent fat, the method of cooking can also add excess calories. Try using olive oil as cooking medium and refrain from frying the turkey in deep oil. Grilled, roasted, and steamed turkey is healthier than those which are cooked in oil.

Turkey Nutrition Facts – Insights

Turkey has some inherent nutritional attributes, which can equip the body to ward off harrowing diseases like Cancer. Amino acid tryptophan is an immune strengthener and cancer cell router. Turkey nutrition facts unearthed by experts divulge that roasted turkeys play a pivotal role in eradicating cholesterol. The meat contain amino acids, which are neurotransmitters that boost serotonin. Depleted serotonins cause depression and studies show that depressions are prevented from getting out of hand if amino acids are taken frequently. These acids also improve sleep disorders and acts as mood elevator. Amino acids also enhance testosterone levels and helps maintain a sound hormone balance. However medical experts warn that gout patients must refrain from having Turkey as it contains purines, which may act as an instigator. This meat also contains oxalates that can solidify to form kidney stones.

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