Vegetable Soup Diet – Fat Burning Recipe for the Vegans and Non-Vegans

The vegetable soup diet is a high-fiber, low calorie, quick weight-loss diet that does not have restriction in terms of the amount of soup that you should consume. If the diet plan is religiously followed, dieters can lose as much as 10 lbs. in 7 days.

Vegetable Soup Diet – Basic Recipe and Variants

There are a lot of available recipes for a vegetable soup diet. All these recipes have three things in common: it uses vegetable, it is served as soup and it burns fats fast. The most popular vegetable soup diet recipe is the cabbage soup. Other soup preparations are tomato soup, cream of celery soup, sweet potato soup, carrot soup and a lot more. It is best to create your own variation of vegetable soups depending on your taste preferences. It is also advisable to use all-natural and fresh ingredients. If you opt to purchase ready-made soups, check the ingredients and make sure that it has little or no salt content to make sure that water retention is lessened and has low or no calorie at all. Since our body needs carbohydrate, protein and other substances that are not present in vegetables, this diet plan is not suitable for long-term programs. You can use it as primer weight loss plan as it can help you lose weight fast before you take on a moderate long term diet plan.

Healthy Vegetable Soup – All Natural

A healthy vegetable soup contains all-natural ingredients. Vegetables are generally healthy; although the amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients they contain vary individually, they are all considered good for the body. As such, a soup that is prepared using all fresh and natural ingredients can be perceived as a healthy vegetable soup. There are commercially-produced available canned soups that might be considered as a more convenient choice compared to a homemade soup. It is possible that these products may not be able to provide same result with that of an all-natural soup. Since it is likely that these commercially manufactured soups have seasoning and preservatives, it can be concluded that albeit it can help in weight loss, the maximum benefit that can be generated from an all-natural vegetable soup will not be guaranteed if this is the soup that will be consumed.

Vegetable Soup Calories – Nutrition Facts

Different vegetable soup will generally have different calorie content. Vegetable soup calories will differ depending on the vegetable and other ingredients that are used to make the soup. It would be easier to compute the calories if the only ingredient of the vegetable soup are vegetables. However, since it also matters that the soup must taste fine, other seasoning and ingredients are mixed with the vegetable. A one bowl serving of a homemade vegetable soup with very minimal amount of seasoning may only contain 60 calories, 1g Fat and 8g Carbohydrate. Adding beef will increase the calories to 150, chicken to 200 and it can reach 200 if you add pork. These are just estimate; the idea that is being implied is that the more non-vegetable ingredient that you use, the higher the calorie the soup will contain.

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