Vegetarian Bodybuilding – The Vegan Diet to Build Up Mass

Bodybuilders can follow a strictly vegan diet to build muscle but they will have to take vegetables which are high in calories and rich in proteins. To do so bodybuilders must know you which plant food will give the best of results.

Vegetarian Bodybuilding – Vegan Protein Substitutes

For muscle development in vegetarian bodybuilding it is imperative that you consume a balanced diet comprising of various different kinds of vegetables. We all know vegetables are low in calories and while you are exercising relentless to build muscle you need loads of energies and the one thing that you cannot do without are calories. Now to get energized consume nuts and legumes as much as possible. You can also have plenty of peanut butter or walnut butter to substitute lack of meat consumption. You can have a handful of walnuts, pine nuts which have a heavy calorie presence. For those who are practicing vegetarian bodybuilding – avocado, coconuts and dry fruits can be a good source of calories.

Vegan Bodybuilder – Diet Tips

If you are a vegan bodybuilder some diet plans are specially chalked out for you so that your body gets a good dose of vitamins, minerals and all other important nutrients. For breakfast you can consider having cereals mixed with soy milk and garnished with dry fruits, figs and nuts or else you can make yourself a whole grain toast and have it with peanut or cashew butter and a banana. Pancakes topped with high energy fruit slices and whole-grain muffins are also good options as well. For lunch or dinner vegan bodybuilder can make tofu based preparations like tofu salad with pita bread or tofu sandwiches. You can also make nutritious soups with chicken, chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans. Toss in potatoes and pasta for more calories.

Vegan Bodybuilding – Increase Calories

To increase calories vegetarian bodybuilders often apply ingenuous methods to prepare food. These methods are important because vegetables in general are calorie-free. They use generous amounts of olive oil, canola oil and peanut sauce to make pastas or other foods. They also often increase consumption of cheese, honey and almonds. Pesto sauces and pine nuts are calorie-affluent and vegan bodybuilding tips often suggest that these ingredients can replenish calories. Often protein shakes and high energy drinks are recommended for vegetarians gunning to become body builders. Eggplant, granola, raisins, cashew, hummus and baklava are some ingredients in food preparations that can increase calories.

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