Vitamin C Side Effects – The Adverse Effects of Over Consumption

Vitamin C in its raw form is water soluble. It is not friendly to human skin in this form. Human body can put up with 2000mg of vitamin C intake per day.

Vitamin C Side Effects – Anti Oxidant Problems Can Surface

There is no denying the fact that vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic acid, is one of the effective antioxidants available and it has many nutritional benefits as well. However, like any nutrient it comes with its share of side effects. The vitamin C side effects can usually affect those who intake the nutrient improperly and do not practice health measures. When vitamin C is administered in normal dosage its side effects are largely negligible. As a matter of fact, the majority of the vitamin C side effects are not dangerous for the users. Some people who take the vitamin in huge quantity may suffer from side effects including vomiting, nausea, indigestion, fatigue and insomnia. Those who chew lots of vitamin C tablets can suffer from teeth erosion over time. Some people have also suffered from kidney stone and blood clot. Allergic reaction on skin has also been noticed in some people.

Vitamin C Ester – Works Wonder on Skin

Vitamin C is not only beneficial for health and immunity in human beings but it also helps in improving skin texture and preserving youthful look. This is where Vitamin C ester comes in. It is a variant of vitamin C that can be applied on human skin. This is made by mixing L-ascorbic acid with palmitic acid. Applying plain vitamin C on the skin is usually not advisable as it can lead to skin irritation and formation of hydroxyl, a harmful free radical as research has proved. On the other hand, Vitamin C Ester is soluble in fat and gets soaked by skin easily. This compound also helps in combating free radicals. This form of Vitamin C is stable and can be mixed with skin lotions and cream very well. That is why a number of skincare brands use this component in cleansers. Its use makes skin supple and soft over time.

Excess Vitamin C – Can be Harmful

Taking excess amount of vitamin C is not at all recommended by doctors. Excess vitamin C intake can lead to the development of adverse symptoms in human body. The normal metabolic activities can be hindered by over use of this vitamin. Under regular circumstances, 200mg of vitamin C per day is ideal for healthy adults. Some people may need higher amounts when they are subjected to stressful work and infection etc. The human body excretes the excess amount in most cases. People with excess amount of iron in blood should refrain from taking overdose of Vitamin C. People with hemochromatosis which is inherited iron overload condition should not take vitamin C supplement. In any case, vitamin C supplements should be taken after consultation with doctors.

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