Wheat Nutrition – The Health Benefits of the Favorite Grain

Wheat is a staple diet across cultures and the nutritional value of this cereal is found to be high. It supplies the body with essential nutrients which help us stay fit and active. Therefore regular consumption can reverse various diseases and can also help us combat infections and allergies.

Wheat Nutrition – Fitness Boosters in Wheat

Wheat is a cereal loaded with nutritional goodies like magnesium, potassium, selenium and manganese. Moreover it contains substantial amounts of zinc, iron, copper and traces of calcium. Wheat nutrition also provides the body with some crucial vitamins and these are B6, K and E. Other than these high volumes of folate, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin and pantothenic acid are also present. 100gm of this cereal has about 339 calories and high calories mean that it keeps you energized but the fall side is that it adds weight. This is why whole grain wheat must be taken by those who are obese. It is also endowed with laxative properties as it is fibrous. Diet experts speak highly of wheat nutrition and they recommend it’s consumption on a regular basis.

Wheat Protein – Strengthening Body

Protein in wheat has several healing properties. It is a vital part of child nutrition as it builds bones and muscles, boosting growth in toddlers. Also, wheat protein is prescribed for cancer patients because it regenerates damaged cells. Recovery after critical injuries and surgeries are speeded up if a protein rich diet is provided to ailing individuals. Studies have found that wheat protein also hinders aging, prevents bovine deteriorations and also improves cardio vascular problems. However, various variants are produced amounts protein therefore also varies from strain to strain. This grain is also a staple diet for body builders as it adds mass to the body and deals with fatigue in a big way.

Wheat Nutrition Facts – Preventive Attributes

Wheat is fibrous and this means it increases metabolism. When metabolism improves, gastrointestinal trouble get effectively beaten. Constipation, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and gallstones gets eradicated if it is consumed daily. Blood pressure, cholesterol, acidity and several interlinked disorders are rooted out of the body. Whole grain contains betaine which can arrest inflammations that cause rheumatism, osteoporosis and a gamut of bovine disorders. Wheat nutrition facts divulge that it is effective against Alzheimer’s. Moreover it has lignans which controls estrogen levels and thus it plays a pivotal role in crippling breast cancer cells.

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