Agra Tour – Indulge in Great Sightseeing Activities Including the Beautiful Taj Mahal

A visit to Agra will help one experience and live the feelings of love, bravery, honor, royalty and their myriad hues. An Agra tour is never complete without visiting the many monuments the city boasts of. Most of them are spectacular pieces of architecture with profound charm and grandeur.

Agra Tour – Places to See and Things to Do

Tourism is one of the significant sources of income for the people in Agra. Being well connected by all modes of transportation, Agra is a tourist friendly place and offers many sights to see and experiences to take home. Along with visiting the internationally renowned worldly wonder, the Taj Mahal, your Agra tour should also include visiting other masterpieces belonging to the Mughal period. The city is popular for two other beautiful heritage architectural symbols – Fatehpur Sikri and the Red Fort. Fatehpur Sikri is a sprawling structure made of red sandstone and demonstrates the architecture legacies of the Mughals and the Hindus. Do not fail to include the Agra Fort located on the banks of River Yamuna in your Agra tour. Other places to visit include Sikandra, Chini Ka Rauza, Ram Bagh and Dayal Bagh besides many others.

Agra Travel – Tour a World Heritage Site

UNESCO named Agra as a world heritage site in 1983 primarily because the city is home to numerous architecturally glorious ancient monuments and structures. These have been the abodes and resting places of Mughal emperors. During your Agra travel, you will begun to understand that while some of these structures commemorate eternal love stories, few others are built on subject of elegy or stories of honor and bravery. Agra is filled with several five star hotels and other finest places of stay to welcome millions of guests the city receives every year. Accommodation is available to suit every kind of budget. Visit Kaya Kalp, Asia’s largest spa on your Agra travel. You can take home some beautiful leather pieces since leather industry is one of the most traditional industries in the city.

Taj Mahal Tour – Experience a World Wonder

A Taj Mahal tour during a visit to Agra will fill the tourists with awe. This perfectly symmetrical edifice nestles itself in the landscaped gardens of the Yamuna and was built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal as her memorial. While both the royals rest in the tomb’s mausoleum, their undying love binds every visitor with a magnificent aura. The tomb took over 2 decades to be completed and is built with pristine white marble brought from Persia. The flawless sculpting and calligraphy using precious gems shines through and makes the tomb most alluring to view especially during the first rays of the sun. This timeless beauty has inspired photographers, writers, painters and poets and continues to do so.

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