Best Bronzers – Get the Perfect Sun-Kissed Tone

Sun bathing is not suited for those with sensitive skin as excessive sun exposure can result in an array of adverse effects on skin. These who aspire to achieve that sun kissed look without burning their skin in the sun can opt for bronzers.

Best Bronzers – Tips to Choose Ideal Bronzers

You can check various brands online or from stores directly to pick the best bronzers. Go for a trustworthy brand and do not compromise on quality. Cheap and inexpensive bronzers can have a negative impact on your skin and hence should be avoided. However, it is just as essential to test expensive bronzers on skin before purchasing it. If you are allergic to any substance present in the same, then avoid buying it. Few brands of best bronzers offer the same for almost all skin types. Those with oily skin should opt for powder bronzers and women with dry skin should use cream bronzers. Also stick to the shade that is not too dark than your skin, or else it might end up looking fake and unnatural.

Natural Bronzer – Tips and Tricks

It is essential to apply bronzers on exfoliated and clean skin for natural bronzer look. After cleaning your face, you can apply some translucent powder on your skin to absorb the excess oil from your skin or else the bronzer will combine with those oils and make your skin look blotchy. If you are using powder bronzer then apply it with a brush on areas like nose, forehead and cheekbones. Also apply it on ears and collarbone for a natural look. If you are using cream bronzers, then use a moisturizer before using the same. Use a sponge for applying cream bronzers for an even and natural bronzer look. You can also apply blush of your choice over bronzers.

Mineral Bronzer – Advantages

Unlike other bronzers, mineral bronzer is obtained from natural elements and is very safe to use. These suit people of almost all skin tones and have no negative impact on skin. These bronzers are available in matte finish range which is beneficial for accentuating your features and hiding your flaws. You can also pick bronzers of same origin with shimmer for sun kissed and diva look. Mineral bronzer is very easy to apply and is very light on skin as well. It effectively hides your wrinkles and other skin blemishes. This does not clog the pores of the skin and can be removed with ease.

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