Best Manicure – Professional Treatments to Beautify Hands and Nails

Manicuring is an essential part of a fitness routine when done on a regular basis, provides fair, clean, and splendid hands. There are many types of manicure treatments based on the manicuring procedures like the manicure spa, French manicure or manicuring at home using limited available equipments.

Best Manicure Procedure

The best manicure procedures involve soaking of hands in mild soapy solution, applying hand lotion, filling and shaping, and polishing the nails. Special manicure kits are also available for the purpose. For best manicure, the hands have to be sanitized using soap or bath salt. The finger nails are shaped or trimmed using a nail file. Then the cuticles are pushed back by soaking them in water followed by nail polishing using nail buffer. This method polishes the nails thoroughly. Finally, a layer of nail polish is applied on the manicured nails. A hand massage using hand lotion or oil completes the procedure. Some professionals prefer to soak the hands in paraffin or wax prior to massage.

Spa Manicure – Effective Grooming

Spa manicure utilizes the spa treatments to manicure the hands and fingers. Though the cost is somewhat high as compared with the standard manicure procedures, the result is worth the penny spent on it. The procedure involves more steps that use scrubs and masks to improve the quality. As a result, the spa pampering effect lasts longer than usual. The spa manicure procedure involves preparing and cleaning your hands for the treatment, use of spa scrubs, hand masks, oiling, and hand cream application. Many clients prefer to further beautify their hands by choosing to have nail art done after completing the manicure.

Home Manicure – Cost Effective Way

Although,manicures are thought as a luxury procedure, home manicure is a cost-effective way. As a result, it can be done more frequently to improve the overall toning and beauty of the hand and finger nails. Although, the basic method is one and the same, special procedures like hot oil manicure and paraffin wax manicure can also be done with the same ease as it is done in the parlors. Hot oil manicuring is done for men who have brittle nails or dried cuticles. Paraffin wax manicure moisturizes the skin by opening up the pores and allowing the oil to work on the deeper layers of the skin.

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