Bhutan Tourism – Sightseeing in the Unspoilt Landscapes of the Himalayas

Bhutan, the land of thunder Dragon offers wonderful scenic beauty and specimens of Bhutanese culture and heritage, and Bhutan Tourism takes utmost care about the nature and heritage of Bhutan while welcoming their guest in Bhutan.

Bhutan Tourism – Cordial, Professional, and Eco-friendly

Nestled in the rocky Himalayan territory, Bhutan is popularly known as land of thunder dragon in Asia, and world famous for its scenic beauty, spectacular mountain views, and a unique heritage and culture exclusively of its own. Bhutan Tourism, a government of Bhutan initiative was established in the year 1974 to promote Bhutan, its natural beauty, and its rich heritage to the rest of the world and to make the place a unique global tourist center. Primarily what was a venture to earn revenue has presently become the voice of Bhutan, an official promoter of peaceful and enjoyable Bhutan travel as well as its fine crafts and cottage industry products all over the world. The most potential centers for Bhutan tourism are Thimpu, Paro, and Taktshang.

Bhutan Tour – An Experience of a Lifetime

Bhutan Government has some stringent rules for Bhutan tour by tourists in order to maintain the sanctity of country’s culture and natural environment. Independent travel in Bhutan is not allowed by rules and all sorts of Bhutan tour are relevant packages are available at pre-fixed rate and pre-fixed terms and conditions. However there are lots of things to see and lots of things do in Bhutan. It is not easy to plan a complete tour plan for Bhutan; there are provisions for cultural tour, walking tours, festival tours, which is time specific, adventure tours, trekking tours for enthusiasts and the travelers can select the tours as per their energy level and passion for exploring Bhutan in its own colors. Pre-planned walking tours are wonderful plan for the enthusiasts to enjoy the wonderful virgin land of Bhutan. Be it a family vacation plan or the honeymoon, Bhutan has lot many thing to offer its guest to enjoy in its realm.

Bhutan Currency – Unique and Exclusive

As the culture and heritage of Bhutan is exclusive, so is the currency of this Buddhist Kingdom. It is named as Ngultrum and it was introduced in the year 1974, with active assistance of India. Although the Bhutan currency is not independently exchangeable with most of the nations, it is exchangeable with Indian Rupee. Indian Rupee is also accepted as legal tender within the country of Bhutan. If any tourist wants to purchase any commodity in Bhutan, he needs to exchange his currency into Bhutan currency. Some of the banks in Thimphu offer the facility of foreign currency exchange, however, in rural towns and villages purchase transaction can be done in exchange of Indian Rupee or Ngultrum.

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