Burgundy Hair Color – Changing the Looks of the Brunets

People, especially women, acquire a burgundy hair color not just to change their looks but to hide grey hair. Its shade may vary according to the lightness or darkness of original hair.

Burgundy Hair Color – Applying Color for Effect

Various hair coloring products change the color of one’s original hair and add other benefits. A burgundy hair color may have a slightly different effect when applied to black hair than when it is applied to brown hair. Red tones in original hair may be enhanced. That is why, choosing a particular shade of burgundy should be thought out first and experimented before it is thoroughly applied to the entire hair. The effect of applying burgundy hair color also depends on a product. Established names add shimmer to the hair and guarantee their product to be clean and free of any dilution or matte tones.

Burgundy Hair Dye – Testing for Compatibility

To assure that a burgundy hair dye is in the shade that one desires, one should start with a strand test. Applying the hair dye is done by washing and drying the hair without shampooing. The burgundy hair dye is then mixed with water to get a consistency similar to that of yogurt. To avoid staining the hands, gloves are advised to be used when applying the mixture to the head. They can be rinsed an hour later with the mixture applied thickly to the hair. Absence of any other chemical, such as shampoo, should be maintained after two days of application for a long-lasting color.

Dark Burgundy Hair – Mixing Colors

A dark burgundy hair can be achieved by applying burgundy to hair that is originally dark. Bear in mind that the hair is translucent and its color is based on one’s hair pigmentation. Dark hair means there is a lot of pigment in it. So if one already has a lot of pigment in the hair, less darkness in hair color will do. Letting a hair professional do it may prevent a costly and ghastly mistake. One may also do research as to the shade of burgundy that brings out a dark burgundy hair or hair color that is suited for one’s race. One may also refer to a kit that shows color results when a certain kind of hair color is applied to a certain original hair color.

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