Butterfly Tattoos Designs – The Many Patterns of the Body Art

There is a vast selection of butterfly tattoo pictures ranging from wide designs and color formats. They are one of the contemporary designs that can be tattooed anywhere on the body.

Butterfly Tattoos Designs – Hot Designs for Style enthusiasts

Butterfly pictures can be tattooed over the body either in two color tones or multiple color tones. They are preferably embossed on arms, shoulder blades, neck, ankle, or any place that can be easily exposed. They come as either permanent tattoos or temporary ones. Butterfly tattoos designs symbolize life, and you can tattoo any stages of butterfly from caterpillar to butterfly. For some people, they mean change and progress or transformation. They also suggest freedom, existence of life after death, divine love, etc. Tribal vine butterfly, jungle lace, pinurfil, butterribbonz, butterfly wind wisps, curltail butterfly, ethereal orange butterfly, majestic blend, dolphin butterfly, are some of the popular butterfly tattoos designs. Other designs like purple glow butterfly, flirting butterfly, charm, buds, butterfly over rose, leopard butterfly, tribal moon, is also some of the hot, sexy designs.

Small Butterfly Tattoos – Evergreen Tattoos

For those who love soft and graceful tattoos on their body, small butterfly tattoos are an ideal pick. These small sized tattoos are preferred mainly by women owing to their beauty and attractiveness. For the design enthusiast, these butterfly tattoos give myriads of opportunities to exercise their skills. Tribal or Celtic butterflies are also other popular designs especially among the young groups. The designs can be coupled with vines, or twirls, etc, to create a masterpiece. Some people also try to carve sun signs on the butterfly wings as a mark of their personality. These tattoos are inscribed either on the wrist or the back, however, small butterflies can be tattooed anywhere on the body and they are sure to improve the look in that place. Small butterfly tattoos are not only the latest trend but also a symbol of freedom and independence.

Butterfly Foot Tattoos – Added Feminity

A butterfly tattoo on the foot is a feminine aspect in the foot tattoo culture. However, some hot men also have butterfly foot tattoos on foot as a personal mark. The sight of colorful butterfly fluttering on the foot is a symbol of hope and excitement about the future. Small butterflies are also tattooed based on some themes to do the work creative and captivating. Themes like love and hope, nature and butterfly, butterfly transformation, etc is common. One of the most popular designs is a single butterfly tattooed in both the foot separately. Combination of butterfly and floral patterns can create a tremendous variety of tattoo designs and the sky is the limit. You can also try some variant in ankle tattoos with butterfly variants if you are a tattoo addict. However, proper tattoo foot care must be taken for keeping them fresh on foot for a long period.

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